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    Guy Tries to Prove He’s Not a Creep by Writing World’s Creepiest Blog PostTruly beyond the pale.
  2. can u not
    Not Content With Already Having It All, Man Claims ‘Period Pain’ for HimselfIs nothing sacred?
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    Don’t Use Rape to Advertise Your Black Friday SaleTerrible idea.
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    Vogue Really Wants to Ruin Thanksgiving DinnerSo does PopSugar, Time, and The Weather Channel.
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    Alright, Who’s Going to Tell the Men They’re Wrong About ‘Man Periods’?It’s gonna have to be me, isn’t it.
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    Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year Isn’t Even a Word, It’s an EmojiWhat’s the emoji for “embarrassing bid for relevancy”?
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    Man Demands Refund for $5 Coffee After Woman Turns Down Second DateClassy move.
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    Why Is This Random European Dude Talking to Me at 7 a.m.?Make him stop.
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    Does Anyone Know How to Return This Gift I Got From God?I kind of wanted a KitchenAid …
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    Trump Says Wearing a Burka Is Easier Because You Get to Skip Putting on Makeup“Fact is, it’s easier. You don’t have to put on makeup. Look how beautiful everyone looks.”
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    Least-Useful Avenger Says It’s ‘Not My Job’ to Help Actresses Get Equal PayLuckily, the women of Hollywood don’t need his help.
  12. What Kind of Monster Would Buy These Incredibly Lifelike Cat Purses?I’m freaked out.
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    Anti-Sexism Ad Yanked for Being SexistOops.
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    Don’t Ask Serena Williams Why She’s Not Smiling“To be perfectly honest I don’t want to be here.”
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    How Not to Message a Woman OnlineA case study.
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    How I Attain Perfection Without Even TryingA young, beautiful celebrity lets us in on her secret regimen for attaining perfection. Hint: It’s nothing.
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    Is There Any Right Way to Reject a Guy? [Updated]Sadly, there is no Harry Potter spell that casts away manbabies.
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    Grown Man Throws On-Air Tantrum Over the Kardashians“I’m having a good Friday, so I refuse to talk about the Kardashians today.”
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    Kelly Osbourne Was Reminded That Ironic Racism Is Still RacistShe was aiming for Daily Show but landed closer to Tosh.0.
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    Everybody, Give Attention to These Men for Doing Things Women Do Every DayHere’s that participation trophy you clearly want so badly.
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    Male Psychiatrist Discovers New Mental Illness: Dowdiness“I raised the obvious: Had she considered getting a makeover?”
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    How Do You Spot a Male Feminist? He’ll Tell YouPlease join me in a resounding “nope” for the Male Feminists of New York Calendar.