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Cancel Culture

  1. power
    Canceled at 17When kids make mistakes and classmates never forgive.
  2. grammys 2022
    Louis C.K., 1 (Grammy); Cancel Culture, 0Big night for problematic men!
  3. ukraine
    Uh, Why Is Putin Talking About J.K. Rowling?He said on Friday that Russia is a victim of “cancel culture.”
  4. spring fashion
    Why Couldn’t Anybody Cancel Dolce & Gabbana?The very expensive work-arounds of a fashion pariah.
  5. influencers
    What Happens When Influencers Post About Getting Vaccinated?“I watched my follower count go down in real time.”
  6. was that so hard?
    Finally, Some Decent Thoughts on Cancel CultureSeth Rogen has some advice: “If you’ve made a joke that’s aged terribly, accept it.”
  7. celebrity
    Mr. Bean, Are You Okay???In a recent interview, Mr. Bean opened up about how “stressful and exhausting” it is to be Mr. Bean.
  8. power
    Mark Halperin Has Some Truly Wild Thoughts About Cancel Culture“Murderers in our society who get out of prison are afforded an opportunity to go on with some aspect of their life.”