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  1. death by hygge
    Coziness Could Kill YouBurning numerous candles might be charring up your innards.
  2. the perfect candle
    Oh My God, a Luxury Advent Calendar Full of Diptyque CandlesAn incredible daily December treat.
  3. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for the First SnowFrédéric Malle’s “Joyeux Noël” is warm and cozy.
  4. light it up
    It’s Officially Holiday Candle TimeYou may now light up those spruce-scented candles.
  5. strat investigates
    What’s the Next Status Candle?(That isn’t Diptyque.)
  6. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for the Agony, I Mean the Blessing, of Having Your PeriodOn Our Moon’s “The Ritual (A Period Candle)” is, in fact, a period candle.
  7. wish list
    Someone at Diptyque Sure Loves Harry PotterTheir holiday gift collection seems like it’s all Hogwarts colors.
  8. louis vuitton
    Louis Vuitton Is Making Scented Candles That You Can Carry Like a PurseCandles with handles.
  9. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for a Painter — That’s It!Astier de Villatte’s “Atelier de Balthus” candle achieves its goal.
  10. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Replacing a Man With Just His ScentMurdock’s ‘Black Tea’ is all you need.
  11. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for When You’re Reading a Serious Novel on a Cold NightL’Objet’s “Thé Russe Candle No. 75” is warm and serious.
  12. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Those Who Love Coziness and Feeling Extremely WealthyJoya’s “Copaline” is beautiful, soft, and homey.
  13. the perfect candle
    Coax Autumn Into Existence With This CandleAlessi’s “Grr” candle will help chase away the remnants of summer, for those who wish to do so.
  14. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Those With a Surprise to ShareCelsius54’s “Secret Message” candle is perfect for those with a “secret message.”
  15. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Those Who Did Not Visit the Ocean Enough This SummerGibson & Dehn’s “Regatta” candle will bring you back to your collegiate rowing days, or to that episode of Friends.
  16. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Tennis LoversOtherland’s “Matchpoint” candle is like drinking cucumber water in a tennis-ball store.
  17. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle to Remember That ‘Early Summer’ ScentDiptyque’s “Tilleul” is a classic warm-weather scent, good for reminiscing.
  18. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Those Who Want a Break From the HeatBurkelman’s “Hammam It All” candle is refreshing, for when you are disgusting.
  19. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Tricking Guests Into Thinking You Just Took a ShowerSnowe’s “Rinse & Repeat” smells like clean trickery.
  20. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Setting the Horny MoodLumira’s “The Vow” is perfect for romance and wealthy ghosts.
  21. the perfect candle
    The Perfect Candle for Lovers of Stickers and RomanceCire Trudon’s “SIX” is delicate, floral, and covered in stickers.
  22. now smell this
    This Valentine’s Day Candle Sells Out Every YearBut you can still buy it right now.
  23. advent calendar 2017
    Gift of the Day: A Mystical CandleFrom (who else?) Diptyque.
  24. advent calendar 2017
    Gift of the Day: A Candle for Cool GirlsBoy Smells is a quirky brand with eccentric scents.
  25. now smell this
    The Best Holiday Candles Under $35They smell so much more expensive than they are.
  26. lunchtime beauty
    Everyone Asks Me Where They Can Get These CandlesThey’re beautiful, smell great, and have names that make you laugh.
  27. extremes
    The Biggest vs. the Smallest Products in Luxury BeautyMeet a baby La Mer, Godzilla sunscreen, and pint-size Tom Ford.
  28. lunchtime buy
    The Best Thing in My Bathroom Right NowDiptyque’s new body line, Fragrance Gestures, smells so, so good.
  29. candles
    This Woman Says a Bath and Body Works Candle Exploded in Her FaceShe’s calling on the famous store chain for answers.
  30. sleeping with
    Olivia Munn Dreams of Flying Like Super MarioThe actress explains her bedtime routine.
  31. celebrity candles
    Miley Cyrus’s Mom Wants to Sell You a ‘Booty Call’ CandleIt has a surprisingly pleasant scent.
  32. what's good
    This Scented Rock Is My New Favorite Beauty ProductIt comes from a new-old brand by a Cire Trudon co-founder.
  33. mother's day 2017
    The Best Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts for Every BudgetFrom under $20 picks to over-the-top splurges.
  34. lunchtime buy
    This V Day Candle Smells So Good Even the Office Fire Warden Will Like ItJust keep a candle snuffer nearby.
  35. now smell this
    Tom Ford’s New Candles Are for Ballers and Shot CallersBougie bougies.
  36. best bet
    The Most Elegant Candles for Your Holiday Dinner TableThey come in 18 warm and vibrant shades and each one lasts up to 20 hours.
  37. now smell this
    Jo Malone on Battling Breast Cancer and Her New Fragrance, Second ActThe British national treasure has some great new things for you to smell.
  38. now smell this
    Gwyneth Paltrow on Toxins, Natural Fragrances, and the Scent of HeartbreakAnd why she loves the smell of butter.
  39. the strategist
    The Best Candles for Every RoomIt’s not just the living room that deserves its own special scent.
  40. now smell this
    The Definitive Christmas-Candle SmackdownBurn after reading. 
  41. now smell this
    You’ve Been Buying Your Candles for All the Wrong ReasonsHermès’s new in-house perfumer explains the true purpose of a candle. 
  42. lunchtime q&a
    The Candle That Should Be in Your Imaginary Tour RiderBecause you have Kanye-level demands. 
  43. purchasing power
    A Candle Solved My Quarter-Life CrisisA consumer odyssey.
  44. best bet
    A Candle to Help You Win Friends and Influence PeopleIt smells that good. 
  45. fragrant friday
    5 Fall Candles That Are Cozier Than a BlanketIt’s candle season.
  46. fragrant friday
    7 Fresh Candles That Smell Like SaladsDon’t drink your veggies — burn them.
  47. holidaze
    Burn After Reading: 2013 Holiday Candle GuideSmell like everything, except Teen Spirit. Teen Spirit is not holiday. 
  48. beauty interviews
    Kate Hudson Bakes Pies, Muses About CC CreamAnd explains why she tells Grandma to lay off the Fracas. 
  49. witches
    Adventures in Candle Magic and Minor WitcheryWiccan candles the spiritual equivalent of a $200 night cream?
  50. Beauty Tips for When Mercury Is in Retrograde Lots of products to get you through bad days.
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