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Cannes 2018

  1. hot shot
    I Didn’t Know Both of Your Boyfriends Went to Cannes!You must be so proud.
  2. cannes drama
    Brave Actress Goes Barefoot At CannesA mini-protest on the red carpet.
  3. cannes 2018
    Jane Fonda at Cannes Is Good for What Ails YouIt’s all going to be fine, more or less.
  4. new faces of things
    Amber Heard Made Her Debut as L’Oréal’s New Ambassador at CannesShe’s going to start a talk show with the brand.
  5. hot shot
    This Photo of Kendall Jenner at Cannes Is InfuriatingWhy am I not at a pool in the South of France?
  6. cannes 2018
    Marion Cotillard Broke a Sacred Cannes RuleA rebellious, and comfortable, decision.
  7. cannes 2018
    I Bet You Could Take a Selfie on the Cannes Red CarpetC’moonnnn.