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  1. capitol riot
    Woman Reportedly Dies After Shooting in the CapitolAs hundreds of Trump supporters stormed in, gunfire erupted.
  2. power
    What’s the Cast of Queer Eye Doing With Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez?Four members of the Fab Five were spotted on Capitol Hill.
  3. politics
    Male GOP Senators Are Dragging Their Feet on New Sexual-Harassment RulesThere are reportedly concerns about legislators having to pay their own legal settlements in cases of sexual harassment and discrimination.
  4. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    Every Female Senator Slams Chamber’s Inaction on Sexual HarassmentAll 22 women in the Senate — Republican and Democrat — came together to send a condemnatory letter to leadership.
  5. sexual harassment on capitol hill
    This Bill Would Make Congressmen Pay Their Own Sexual-Harassment SettlementsInstead of tax-payers.
  6. merry christmas
    Gift-Wrapped Package Addressed to Steve Mnuchin Was Filled With Horse PoopWill the person who sent the manure please stand up?
  7. more sexual harassment allegations
    Trump-Supporting Singer Accuses Corey Lewandowski of Slapping Her Butt“I told him to stop, and then he did it again.”
  8. capitol hill
    Male Lawmakers Have ‘Moved On’ From Trump’s Sexual MisconductAnd think you should be too.
  9. power
    Anita Hill to Chair Hollywood Commission on Sexual HarassmentThe commission’s goal is to “tackle the broad culture of abuse and power disparity.”
  10. capitol hill
    Conyers Brought Up Chandra Levy After an Intern Rejected His Sexual AdvancesLevy, a federal intern, went missing in 2001 and was found dead the following year.
  11. power
    Woman Who Accused Michigan Congressman of Harassment Sheds Her Anonymity“I am taking a risk.”
  12. reckonings
    This Congresswoman Says Capitol Hill Harassment Isn’t Being Taken Seriously“I don’t have time for meetings that aren’t real.”
  13. denial
    Congressman Denies Settling Sexual-Harassment ComplaintJohn Conyers said he’s been looking at allegations “with amazement,” but a former staffer says his office reportedly paid her to settle a complaint.
  14. sexual harassment
    Congresswoman Says Former Congressman Tried to Pin Her Down and Kiss HerColorado representative Diana DeGette says she was assaulted by former California representative Bob Filner.
  15. sexual harassment
    Former Senator Barbara Boxer Recalls the Time She Was Humiliated on Capitol Hill“Luckily, I’m a strong person.”
  16. behind closed doors
    The Strange Place Capitol Hill Women Avoid Going With Male ColleaguesBeware the “members only” elevators.
  17. power
    Women Say Sexual Harassment Is an ‘Occupational Hazard’ in CongressThey shared their stories with the New York Times ahead of a hearing about harassment on Capitol Hill.
  18. capitol hill
    Anti-Sexual-Harassment Training Is Now Mandatory for Senators and AidesBaby steps.
  19. politics
    Congresswoman in Sleeveless Dress Comments on Capitol Hill Dress CodeShe gave a speech on the House floor while wearing a sleeveless dress and open-toed shoes.
  20. politics
    Women Must Follow This Strict Dress Code Rule in Parts of CongressFemale reporters have gotten in trouble for not complying with the dress code.