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  1. fixations
    I Think About This a Lot: The Bagel Retrieval Scene on The LeftoversJustin Theroux’s Kevin Garvey desperately tries to get a grip on his sanity — and his carbs — in a world of unknowns.
  2. Scientists Found a ‘Sixth Taste,’ and It’s the Reason Why Pasta Is DeliciousStarchiness is the new umami.
  3. fake junk food
    Cauliflower Does Not Belong in White-Chocolate Fruit DipThis is the beginning of the end of recipe swaps.
  4. swellness
    The Problem With Sweet-Potato ‘Toast’ and Watermelon ‘Pizza’Must we lie to ourselves in order to be healthy?
  5. carbs
    Pasta Doesn’t Make You Fat, Says Best Study EverItalian researchers are behind this, of course.
  6. debunking
    Paleo Truther Scandal: Carbs Were in the CavesTubers for everyone!
  7. wow terrible
    Study Reveals Terrible News: Low-Carb Diets Are Pretty EffectiveScience ruins everything.
  8. carbs
    ‘Fat’ Leo Has Been Bread-Shamed Into SubmissionAfter fat-shaming comes carb-shaming. 
  9. diet week
    12 Weird Old Tips for a Flat BellyThe Cut staff shares its secrets.
  10. carb evangelism
    TV Evangelist Says That Your Low-Carb Diet Violates God’s PlanHe’s right … but, you know, the logic that took him there is wack.
  11. first looks
    Models Photographed With Processed Carbs in CRAnd cigarettes, like real rebels.
  12. quotables
    Christy Turlington Is Eating Lots of Carbs These DaysIt’s part of her marathon preparation.