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    Can You Still Sell Out in This Economy?A helpful guide for people who feel there are no jobs left.
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    10 Ways to Nail Your Video InterviewPants are not optional. Also, eliminate distractions and make sure your facial expressions are communicating what you want them to.
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    ‘I Don’t Know How to Advocate for Myself to My Boss or My Husband’It’s not that you can’t do this for yourself, Esther Perel tells this week’s caller, it’s that you’ve learned not to. Perhaps now you can un-learn.
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    How to Find a Job Long-DistanceThere are ways to improve your chances of getting a response when applying to jobs out of state.
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    How to Ask for a RaiseBefore approaching your boss, here’s everything you should know.
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    ‘My Boss Won’t Do Anything About My Slacker Co-worker’It can be liberating to acknowledge there’s nothing you can do to manage this problem.
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    How to Write a Perfect Resignation LetterFor one, it’s not the place to air your grievances. For another, it shouldn’t be how your boss finds out you’re leaving.
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    ‘I’m Worried About Layoffs at My Company’There’s no sure way to avoid the chopping block, but you can position yourself strategically.
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    ‘I Had a Panic Attack at Work and I’m Embarrassed’While it’s easy to worry about what others are thinking, your energy is better spent determining what you need to manage your panic attacks.
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    ‘I’m Terrified of Making Even Tiny Mistakes at Work’While a certain level of work stress is normal, you need to ask for support if it’s affecting how you perform your job.
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    ‘I Have No Direction in My New Job’Don’t wait for guidance from your boss that may never arrive. Here’s how to develop an action plan.
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    ‘I Had a Great Job Interview — Why Haven’t I Heard Back?’It’s impossible to tell from the outside what might be going on, so you should never, ever assume a job is a lock.
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    ‘My Boss Calls Me ‘Sis’ And I Want Him To Stop’You need to tell him it’s offensive.
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    ‘My Boss Is Making Me Work Two Jobs With No Additional Pay’If the extra work positions you for a promotion or gives you skills you can leverage to land a job elsewhere, it may be worth sticking it out.
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    ‘I’m Afraid I’ve Aged Out of My Line of Work’Yes, ageism can be a real issue in some industries, but don’t other yourself by fixating on differences between generations in the workplace.
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    ‘I’ve Had More Than 100 Interviews and Am Ready to Give Up’You’re wasting your time and energy if you’re applying to jobs that don’t match your strengths and experience level.
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    ‘I Hate My Cushy Job. Should I Suck It Up or Just Quit?’The answer is right there in the question.
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    ‘How Do I Explain That I Was Forced Out of My Job?’Tell the truth, but don’t overshare.
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    ‘Working As an Adjunct Isn’t Paying the Bills’Here’s how to punch up your résumé and work your contacts to find new opportunities.
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    ‘My Recruiter Is Driving Me Up a Wall’Do you really want that new job? You’ll need to show some flexibility and grace.
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    ‘I Left a Toxic Company. Should I Warn Other Employees?’As much as you may want to grab a sign and protest in front of HQ, this isn’t your fight.
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    ‘I’m Tired of Dealing With Incompetent Co-workers’You need to communicate your boundaries — repeatedly.
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    ‘I Stayed at My Job for Too Long and Now I’m Miserable’Don’t bring that baggage into your hiring process with new companies. Here’s how to regain your confidence.
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    ‘How Do I Get Past My Insecurity at Work After Being Fired?’A “workplace win” list, time, and therapy will help.
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    ‘My Boss Says I Work More Than My Predecessor. Can I Ask for a Raise?’Make a pitch based on your performance, not on the fact that the person you replaced was paid more for less work.
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    ‘Why Do I Outgrow Jobs So Quickly?’It’s your responsibility to make each role your own once you settle into a new company.
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    ‘How Do I Show I Can Handle Jobs I’m Not Fully Qualified For?’Telling the right story will make the hiring manager confident in your abilities.
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    ‘I Feel Like I Let Down My Bosses by Taking Another Job’It’s okay to move on. Here are some ways to ease the blow.
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    ‘I’m Homesick. How Do I Convince My Boss to Let Me Move to Another City?’If you truly want to keep this job, you need to determine what may make your boss nervous about you working remotely and address those concerns.
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    ‘How Do I Talk About Being Laid Off in a Job Interview?’You were let go, not fired, so there’s no need to lie. Here’s how to confidently explain your situation.
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    ‘My Manager Won’t Address My Co-Workers’ Unprofessional Behavior’You can only control yourself, but you can turn this situation to your advantage.
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    ‘Can I Back Out of a Job Offer a Week Before My Start Date?’It’s never too late — but you don’t know what connections you may be burning.
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    ‘Should I Try to Use an Outside Job Offer to Get a Promotion?’Leveraging an external offer is helpful to get a promotion at your current job, but it takes some finesse.
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    Turn ‘I’m Thinking of Going Freelance’ Into an Actual ThingSome advice from freelancers who did it during the pandemic and are making it work.
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    The Costs of Oversharing With Your BossSave the deep, dark secrets for a Zoom with your therapist, not your supervisor.
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    10 Phone Interview Tips to Make a Lasting ImpressionAdvice from a workplace expert.
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    How I Get It Done: Bookstore Owner Sarah McNallyThe owner of famed New York bookstore on her early morning routine, why she’s stopped reading newspapers and the importance of a good pen.
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    How the Founder of Millennial Wedding-Registry Start-up Zola Gets It All DoneOn journaling twice a day, the stress of growing your business, and how she can count bachelorette parties as “market research.”
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    Ask Polly: I Hate All Jobs!You aren’t wrong that offices can be miserable.
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    How I Get It Done: Brooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey, Finery Co-foundersBrooklyn Decker and Whitney Casey on SoulCycle, beauty essentials, and going into business with your best friend.
  41. How the Co-Founder and Global Editor-in-Chief of Refinery29 Gets Things DoneChristene Barberich on the importance of staying confident, her complicated morning routine, and the one thing she never leaves home without.
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    Career Advice From a High-Powered BusinessladyOn the release day of Ivanka Trump’s Women Who Work, I, a high-powered businesslady, have some advice to give, too.
  43. What It’s Like to Be an Art Curator for Creative TimeOn speaking directly with the communities you work in, reading the work of your colleagues, and hoping dire times will inspire great art.
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    What It’s Like to Be a Stuntwoman on EmpireOn being covered in bruises, why she’ll never agree to an underwater scene, and why stunt work is easier for men.
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    What It’s Like to Be a Professional Travel WriterOn never leaving home without a pair of slippers, the hell that is tax season, and how she tries to blend in wherever she goes.
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    How the Founder of a Pro-Diversity Tech Start-up Gets Everything DoneOn refusing to drink Soylent, what a typical pitch meeting looks like, and working through the night.
  47. How Fashion Designer Eileen Fisher Gets Everything DoneOn employing one mantra to reduce stress, logging off on the weekends, and how being the boss has changed her.
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    How a Tarot-Card Reader to the Stars Spends Her DayOn sleeping like a monk, staying in touch with nature, and how she talks to non-believers.
  49. How a Top Chef: Just Desserts Pastry Chef and Cookbook Author Spends Her DayOn building in a cappuccino break every day, letting her mind wander, and why cookbooks help her stay inspired.
  50. How We Get It Done: Carly Zakin and Danielle Weisberg, Founders of theSkimmOn five-minute intervals to stress, traveling with a uniform, and learning how to divide and conquer.
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