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    How I Get It Done: Robin RobertsThe Good Morning America host on practicing optimism, being a better boss, and what she would tell her younger self.
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    3 Creative Professionals on How They Get It DoneA live event with the Cut.
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    How I Get It Done: Joanna Coles, Chief Content Officer at Hearst Magazine“I’m not terribly interested in relaxing. What am I going to do, sit around?”
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    In Fashion, Verbal Abuse Is Going Out of StyleThe industry’s hazing rituals are finally changing.
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    6 Books to Read If You Need a Career ChangeWondering what else is out there? These books will help.
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    10 Phone Interview Tips to Make a Lasting ImpressionAdvice from a workplace expert.
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    How I Get It Done: Giada de LaurentiisThe Food Network star on spending time with her daughter, taking 20 vitamins a day, and learning how to say no.
  8. quotables
    How 3 Successful Female Directors Get It DoneWriter and director Olivia Milch, director Dawn Porter, and director Susanna White in conversation with senior writer Allie Jones.
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    How I Get It Done: Dermatologist to the Stars Patricia WexlerNew York’s most popular skin doctor on her daily routine, her “happy” office, and her famous clients.
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    How I Get It Done: Shark Tank Star Barbara CorcoranThe real-estate mogul loves Nicki Minaj, outsources all of her work email, and says the best stress relief is yelling at her husband.
  11. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I Might Get a Big Job Offer, But I Don’t Want to Change My Life!’You have to tune in to your deepest feelings as you explore this possibility.
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    What’s Your Ridiculous Triple-Threat Career?Find out with our handy generator.
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    How to Negotiate A Salary, According to 25 Famous WomenAdvice from Jennifer Lawrence, Oprah, and others.
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    How I Get It Done: Joanna VargasFacialist Joanna Vargas on working with celebrities, her morning routine, and saving time for her kids.
  15. ask polly
    ‘My Job Is Making Me Sick and Miserable!’You are at the center of a dysfunctional ecosystem.
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    How I Get It Done: Ann CurryThe journalist on Antiques Roadshow, her first job in journalism, and the ongoing sexual-harassment revelations.
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    A U.K. Supermarket Is Hiring a ‘Chicken Nugget Connoisseur’Get your CV’s ready!
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    How I Saved 30 Percent of My Income in 2017A simple savings plan to apply to the new year.
  19. ask polly
    Ask Polly: ‘I Can’t Decide on a Career and I Feel Like Garbage!’Everyone wants to know what their future will look like.
  20. my two cents
    Here’s How to Contact the Cut’s Personal Finance Advice ColumnistEmail Charlotte Cowles, who writes My Two Cents.
  21. women at work
    Even Dame Judi Dench Worries About Getting JobsSeven Oscar noms doesn’t free you from “constant” worry.
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    The Marketing Assistant Drunk-Texting Her Creative DirectorThis week’s sex diary.
  23. my two cents
    How Should Women Financially Prepare for the Trump Years?It’s time to batten down the hatches.