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  1. your next move
    ‘I’m Homesick. How Do I Convince My Boss to Let Me Move to Another City?’If you truly want to keep this job, you need to determine what may make your boss nervous about you working remotely and address those concerns.
  2. career
    The Case for Meh AmbitionLongtime Hollywood assistant Sona Movsesian’s new memoir is a lesson in doing less to gain the most.
  3. day in the life
    The Anti-Wedding Wedding PlannerEverything it takes to throw a “love party.”
  4. career
    ‘Do I Have to Tell My Boss I’m Going to Rehab?’No, you don’t. But can we talk about why you’re asking?
  5. your next move
    ‘Should I Try to Use an Outside Job Offer to Get a Promotion?’Leveraging an external offer is helpful to get a promotion at your current job, but it takes some finesse.
  6. your next move
    ‘Is It Worth Taking a New Job With a More Junior Title But Better Pay?’I wouldn’t let a title change be the determining factor in your final decision.
  7. burnout
    When to Just Quit AlreadyHow to figure out it’s time to move on — and be okay with it.
  8. your next move
    ‘How Can I Convince My New Boss That I’m Ready to Be a Manager?’The arrival of a new boss means having a clean slate at work, especially if they’re an external candidate. So position yourself as an asset to them.
  9. work
    My Breakup With Those 3 Little Words: ‘Happy to Help!’The phrase defined my ambitions — then those ambitions changed.
  10. your next move
    ‘I Want to Transition Into a New Line of Work, But I’m Not Getting Far’If your résumé doesn’t list the exact work experience required, making the case for yourself in a cover letter could be the best move.
  11. your next move
    ‘My New Job Is Nothing Like I Expected’Before you do anything else, you need to decide exactly what you want, and then have an honest conversation about it with your manager. Here’s how.
  12. ask a boss
    How to Find a Job Long DistanceThere are ways to improve your chances of getting a response when applying to jobs out of state.
  13. your next move
    Make Sure Your Next Career Move Is the Best MoveIn a new biweekly column for the Cut, Kimberly Brown helps women and people of color to be seen in the workplace, make more money, and become leaders.
  14. my biggest setback
    The Good Thing About Confessing Even Giant ScrewupsFigs co-founder Heather Hasson on the error that almost derailed her fledgling company.
  15. my biggest setback
    The Power of Owning Your FailureNetflix executive Bela Bajaria on rebounding from being fired — and talking about it publicly.
  16. day in the life
    It’s Fine to Cry in Meetings With Alana MayoThe president of Orion Pictures doesn’t mind a full day of Zooms, as long as she gets her morning walk with her dog and her midday solo time.
  17. post-pandemic life
    Losing My AmbitionAfter a career of making “strategic” moves, I’m embracing mediocrity.
  18. ambition
    Who Is the Girlboss Now?On TikTok, a reckoning with the millennial striver.
  19. my biggest setback
    A Leave of Absence Is Worth It in the Long RunTheresia Gouw, co-founder of Acrew Capital, on finding personal and professional growth after her divorce.
  20. parenting
    Exactly How Nannies Help Powerful Women Do It AllFrom scheduling FaceTimes while mom’s away to making sure dad isn’t stuck at home alone.
  21. culture
    June Diane Raphael No Longer Jumps at Any Acting JobThe Grace and Frankie star on how her ambition has changed.
  22. culture
    Natasha Rothwell Is in Her Brené Brown Life StageInsert “Insecure growth GIF” here.
  23. money
    What It Takes to Actually Retire by 30And is it even worth it?
  24. power
    5 Brave, Bold-faced Women Share Their Screen-Time Reports“But this was down 49 percent from the week before.”
  25. power
    Men Should Be Forced to Take Parental LeaveSome new fathers opt out of company-granted days off. In an excerpt from her new book, Pay Up, Reshma Saujani argues workplaces shouldn’t let them.
  26. career
    I Was Waiting for My Career to Feel Solid to Start My Life. Then I Lost My Job.On reimagining our 30s.
  27. friends forever?
    Where Are All My Work Friends?Mourning the loss of your favorite colleagues in the world of remote work.
  28. power
    It’s Okay to Talk About (and Make, and Spend, and Invest) MoneyA conversation about all things cash with two prominent venture capitalists.
  29. goals
    Lessons in Success From the Rich and FamousAfter years of crafting others’ success stories, one celebrity ghostwriter is ready to tell her own — by following their formula.
  30. sober questioning
    ‘How Can I Make Connections at Work Without Raging at Office Happy Hour?’You don’t need hangovers to get ahead.
  31. self
    The High Point of My Career Came With a Physical BreakdownChloe Benjamin, author of The Immortalists, on prioritizing her body over her ambition.
  32. my biggest setback
    Vulnerability Isn’t Weakness — Even When You’re on Bed RestFidji Simo, CEO of Instacart, on rebounding from a difficult Facebook Watch rollout and learning to lead from home when we still worked in the office.
  33. self
    Reclaiming My Ambition From My ‘Job’ As a Military WifeI knew I was more than my husband’s rank — I’d just forgotten.
  34. career advice
    Turn ‘I’m Thinking of Going Freelance’ Into an Actual ThingSome advice from freelancers who did it during the pandemic and are making it work.
  35. career
    The Costs of Oversharing With Your BossSave the deep, dark secrets for a Zoom with your therapist, not your supervisor.
  36. trailblazers
    Imagine If We Took Personal Ambition Out of PoliticsCalifornia secretary of State Shirley Weber’s extraordinary political ascent was never part of the plan.
  37. trailblazers
    MC Lyte Wants You to Say ‘Yes’ MoreThe hip hop pioneer talks mentorship, bad auditions, and counting tips.
  38. trailblazers
    Reminder: Your Professional Achievements Don’t Define YouCourtesy of gallerist-curator Nicola Vassell.
  39. trailblazers
    Maybe Try Networking With People You Meet on the Bus?It worked for Janice Johnston, 20/20’s first female and Black EP.
  40. trailblazers
    Proof You Should Always Ignore Bad Career Advice From MenA man once told Melissa King that women don’t belong in professional kitchens. Now, she’s a Top Chef.
  41. trailblazers
    Ursula Burns Reflects on Being ‘the First’Becoming the first Black woman CEO of a Fortune 500 company doesn’t mean you never experience self-doubt.
  42. trailblazers
    When the Job Finds You, Take ItAfter losing her eyesight, Virginia Jacko sought rehabilitation at Miami Lighthouse. Now she’s the CEO.
  43. trailblazers
    Ignore Anyone Who Tells You to Wait Your TurnDocumentary producer Marcia Smith didn’t ask for opportunity — she created it. And now she’s doing the same for emerging filmmakers.
  44. trailblazers
    Leading the Robot Invasion of the Old Boys’ ClubManuela Veloso has spent her career turning sci-fi into reality.
  45. trailblazers
    Imagining a Cannabis Culture That Isn’t Just for BrosMeet Etain, the first woman-owned and -operated dispensary in New York.
  46. ask a boss
    ‘How Soon Is Too Soon to Leave a Stopgap Job?’If your concern is that you don’t want to look like a job hopper, a single short-term stay isn’t going to be a problem.
  47. ask a boss
    ‘My Co-worker Doesn’t Pull His Weight’You shouldn’t have to cajole a peer into doing his part.
  48. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Doesn’t Want Me to Go Back to the Office’This is pretty clearly about her agenda more than it’s about concern for you.
  49. work
    What Happens When All Your Co-workers Quit?As a record number of Americans leave their jobs, those who can’t are working themselves sick.
  50. ask a boss
    ‘My Company Isn’t Enforcing Its Vaccine Mandate’And more return-to-office concerns, including an employee whose boss may no longer trust them to WFH.
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