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    How I Get It Done: Kelly Ripa“I do the show and assume it’s never as good as we think it is and never as bad as I think it is.”
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    How I Get It Done: Beauty Expert Olivia ChantecailleThe creative director of Chantecaille on what it’s like working in a family business.
  3. work
    How I Get It Done: Jemele HillThe outspoken sports journalist on sexism, Chipotle, and the writing rule she always follows.
  4. ask a boss
    Rules for Celebrating the Holidays at WorkWhat should you do if a co-worker hits on you at the office party? Do you have to give your boss a gift?
  5. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Eva Chen, Head of Fashion Partnerships at InstagramThe social-media wizard on mom jeans, dad sneakers, and drinking six cups of green tea a day.
  6. how i get it done
    How This Reporter Stayed Focused After a Trump Insult“I don’t think there has been a better time in my lifetime to be a journalist than right now.”
  7. ask a boss
    How to Write a Cover Letter That Will Get You a JobI’ve read thousands of cover letters in my career. Here are all the elements of an actually good one.
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    How I Get It Done: Poet Eileen Myles“I come out of an aesthetic that doesn’t want to look like it’s trying too hard. I work really hard!”
  9. ask a boss
    10 Impressive Questions to Ask in a Job InterviewTo show employers you’re exceptional, and find out if it’s the right job for you.
  10. how i get it done
    How the Woman Who’s Helped Over 500 Women Run for Office Gets It Done“The fountain Diet Dr. Pepper is the way to go. That’s my pre-coffee drink.”
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    How I Get It Done: Bluemercury Founder Marla BeckThe beauty CEO on what changes after you sell your company for $210 million.
  12. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Beth Comstock, Former Vice Chair of General Electric“I’ve been to conferences where women were so outnumbered that they turned the ladies’ room into a men’s room.”
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    How I Get It Done: Michele Outland of Bon AppétitThe creative director on redesigning the magazine, CBD oil, and her mom’s Korean cooking.
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    How I Get It Done: Handbag Designer Clare VivierThe founder of the Clare V line has been supplying cool girls with bags for a decade now. Here’s her advice for making it in fashion.
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    How I Get It Done: Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder and Owner of Moon Juice“Trashy instant coffee with spirit dust or sex dust — I love that.”
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    How I Get It Done: QVC Star Josie MaranThe model turned beauty entrepreneur belongs to a secret society for frequent fliers and sometimes works for 36 hours straight.
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    How I Get It Done: Ariel Palitz, New York City’s First “Nightlife Mayor”The head of the city’s new Office of Nightlife on adjusting to office life and whether New York is losing its edge.
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    How I Get It Done: Mara Brock Akil, Creator of GirlfriendsThe writer, director, and producer on working with her husband and wearing men’s clothing on set.
  19. work
    How I Get It Done: Gloria Steinem“Most people must work to live, but some of us live to work.”
  20. ask a boss
    ‘How Should I Explain My Weaknesses in a Job Interview?’Do not say, “I’m a perfectionist” or “I work too hard.”
  21. ask a boss
    ‘I Was Tricked Into Being an Executive Assistant!’Talk to your boss as soon as you can.
  22. ask a boss
    ‘How Do I Explain Reasons for Leaving a Previous Job?’Here’s what to say if you were laid off, fired, or if you hated your boss.
  23. my two cents
    How to Take Maternity Leave When You’re a FreelancerIt can feel like uncharted territory when you’re your own boss.
  24. ask a boss
    ‘Should I Use a Job Offer to Get a Raise at My Current Job?’It’s not a good sign if the only way to get paid what you’re worth is to threaten to leave.
  25. ask a boss
    How to Quit Your Job — 10 Ways to Do It GracefullyWhen do you tell your boss? Should you be honest in the exit interview?
  26. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Nina Garcia, Editor-in-Chief of Elle MagazineThe editor of Elle on her open-door policy, wearing flats, and why she never eats dinner after 7 p.m.
  27. ask a boss
    ‘I Hate My Boss, But I Love My Job!’Is working for a hostile boss doing you any professional favors?
  28. aspiration
    The Evolution of a Mormon Mommy BloggerFor the blogger formerly known as Nat the Fat Rat, the label no longer quite fits.
  29. ask a boss
    How to Write a Thank-You Email After a Job Interview: Examples, Dos, and Don’tsAll your questions, answered.
  30. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Sent Me a Friend Request on Social Media!’If it’s not too late: ignore her.
  31. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Daniela Soto-Innes on Being a Young Boss in the KitchenThe Cosme chef on lying about her age, her favorite restaurant in Brooklyn, and bossing around old men.
  32. ask a boss
    How to Make a Résumé Interviewers Actually Want to ReadHiring managers spend about 20 seconds scanning a résumé. Here’s how to get their attention.
  33. work
    How I Get It Done: The Founders of a Major Fashion PR FirmCarrie Ellen Phillips and Vanessa von Bismarck talk about motherhood, ever-shifting schedules, and their open-door policy at the office.
  34. ask a boss
    ‘My Co-worker’s Kid Disrupts the Office Every Day!’The way you should speak up depends on how long you’ve worked at the company.
  35. ask a boss
    6 Ways to Not Hate Your JobSimple ways to reframe your negative thoughts about work.
  36. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Model and Beauty Mogul Miranda KerrThe CEO of Kora Organics on motherhood, modeling, and being “a micromanager.”
  37. ask a boss
    7 Ways Job Interviewers Learn What You’re Really LikeBeyond interview questions, here’s what they’re looking for.
  38. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: Jen Atkin“The Most Influential Hairstylist in the World” on managing an unpredictable schedule, working in the Middle East, and relaxing with Real Housewives.
  39. ask a boss
    ‘My Boss Got Fired and Won’t Leave Me Alone!’When you no longer work for your boss, the relationship has to change.
  40. ask a boss
    Everything You Need to Know About Maternity Leave in the U.S.How it works, what your employer is required to offer, and more.
  41. ask a boss
    Job Interview Tips: How to Survive 10 Awkward SituationsWhat should you say when you don’t know the answer to a question? How do you explain you were fired?
  42. ask a boss
    ‘My Co-Worker Constantly Complains!’Ask her: “What are you going to do about it?”
  43. how i get it done
    A Supermodel Turned Entrepreneur on Managing Two Businesses“I find that co-dreaming with people who understand your your vision is really important.”
  44. ask a boss
    ‘Am I Guilty of Age Discrimination at Work?’There’s a difference between ageism and real performance issues.
  45. how i get it done
    Tina Brown on Networking, ‘Sleep Orgies,’ and Why She Loves Ziplock BagsThe media mogul shares how she gets it done.
  46. ask a boss
    How to Ask for a RaiseWhen to ask, what to say, and how to know what your work is worth.
  47. ask a boss
    ‘A Co-worker Left Me an Anonymous Note … and a Pacifier’This person is not playing by the normal rules.
  48. ask a boss
    ‘I’m Afraid to Show Any Weakness at Work’The worst thing you can do when you’re unsure is hide it.
  49. how i get it done
    How I Get It Done: CBS News Contributor Alex WagnerThe journalist and political commentator on needing bread but not caffeine, and filming Showtime’s docuseries The Circus.
  50. women at work
    What Would a World Designed by Women Look Like?As more women rise to power in the architecture world, we’re starting to find out.
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