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Caroline Wozniacki

  1. wellness theories
    Tennis’s Best-Dressed Star on Steak and Stella McCartneyCaroline Wozniacki takes a break from working out twice a day to talk about her fitness secrets.
  2. silver linings playbook
    In Some Athlete Breakups, Everyone’s a WinnerA sports psychologist breaks down jock breakups.
  3. bad twitter
    Did Tennis Star Caroline Wozniacki Get Dumped Over a Tweet?Her golfer boyfriend is obviously feeling a liiittle sensitive.
  4. body politics
    Serena Williams’s Curves Not a Good Look on Caroline WozniackiSigh. 
  5. beauty marks
    Taylor Swift’s New Bangs; Ke$ha’s Old Treasure-Troll HairAlso, people with moles develop fewer wrinkles, and Proactiv has a new face.
  6. loose threads
    Anna Dello Russo’s W Rumors; André Leon Talley Takes L.A.Also, check out Dolce & Gabbana’s sexy new men’s campaign.
  7. a rare post on sports
    The Times Likens U.S. Open Outfits to Clown Costumes“The linesmen wearing Polo clothing are about the best-dressed people on court.”