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  1. pretty shiny things
    Cartier Is Showcasing Expensive and Famous Gems for Its AnniversaryTo celebrate 100 years on Fifth Ave., the jewelry giant is putting famous baubles on display. Feel free to covet.
  2. sale insanity
    SALE ALERT: Get 50 to 70 Percent Off Major Jewelry Next MonthThis kind of thing never happens!
  3. loose threads
    Phoebe Philo Might Be In at Celine; DKNY Does MenswearAlso Cartier sues DKNY, Viktor & Rolf will hit the Hamptons this summer, and Cindy McCain shows more cleavage.
  4. run through
    Fabulously Wealthy People Still Buying Sparkly StuffIn fact, Chanel, De Beers, Cartier, and Graff are expanding their retail offerings, which means we’ll get two new bling-tastic, super-fancy stores on Madison Avenue!
  5. fashion yearbook
    Ever Since Lagerfeld Put a Parrot on the Runway, Designers Have Loved StuntsAfter the Kaiser put a parrot on the runway in 1974, designers have been concocting far grander stunts to get attention. They’re expensive, laborious, and worth looking back at.
  6. dress code
    Heidi Klum: Fashion Hypocrite?The new issue of ‘Us Weekly’ has a “25 PAGE FASHION BONUS!” (their words, not ours). In it we learn that Heidi Klum doesn’t practice what she preaches.
  7. cult of personality
    Is Feisty Eve the Next Face of Cartier?Rapper Eve may have gotten in a fight in L.A. recently, but she’s reportedly the new face of Cartier’s next Charity Love bracelet.