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Case Studies

  1. lgbt rights
    This Woman’s Court Case Could Secure LGBT Rights in the WorkplaceLegal experts say Hively v. Ivy Tech Community College could go to the Supreme Court.
  2. case studies
    Two Childhood Rape Survivors Just Ended a Cult Leader’s Terrifying ReignThe horrifying story of Victor Barnard, his religious cult, and the maidens of River Road.
  3. A New Origin Story for H.M., One of the Most Famous Case Studies in PsychologyAs told by the grandson of the brain surgeon who created him.
  4. crime
    Denise Huskins Kidnapping: Police Defend ActionsShe “did not act like a kidnapping victim.”
  5. horrible things
    The Brock Turner Judge Failed Another Assault Survivor the Same DayThe same day he sentenced Brock Turner, he made sure an abusive ex-fiancé could keep working.
  6. the slender man
    Girls to Be Tried As Adults in Slender Man StabbingThey were 12 when they tried to murder a classmate.
  7. the brain
    Remembering 7 of Oliver Sacks’s Most Fascinating Case StudiesRevisiting the famed neurologist’s work after his death this weekend.