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  1. hmm
    Casey Affleck Bravely Imagines a World Without WomenThe embattled actor wrote, directed, and stars in a movie where almost all the women on earth have died in a plague. Hmm.
  2. sexual assault
    Oh Good, Here’s Casey Affleck Talking About #MeToo AgainHe says he’s learned to “listen.”
  3. the oscars
    Casey Affleck Pulls Out of Oscars Reportedly Because of #MeToo CampaignHe won’t present at this year’s ceremony.
  4. you know what i heard
    Why Is Sofia Richie, 19, Still Dating Scott Disick, 34?And more salacious tales in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  5. bostonians
    Casey Affleck Tried to Bring a Baseball Bat on a PlaneWe get it, you’re from Boston.
  6. divorce
    Casey Affleck’s Wife Has Filed for DivorceSummer Phoenix is reportedly requesting spousal support and joint physical and legal custody of the couple’s two children.
  7. laundry day
    When Was the Last Time Casey Affleck Did Laundry?It’s been a while.
  8. oscars 2017
    Casey Affleck’s Statement on Those Sexual-Harassment Allegations Means NothingHe just sold a new movie, which he’ll direct.
  9. Chrissy Teigen Took a Perfectly Timed Nap During Casey Affleck’s Oscar SpeechShe was spotted snoozing on camera.
  10. academy awards 2017
    Casey Affleck Wins AgainBen’s little brother won the Academy Award for Best Actor.
  11. Casey Affleck Finally Addresses the Horrors of CircusesThe Oscars are four days away.
  12. Casey Affleck Avoids Past Sexual-Harassment Allegations on SNLIt was just another stop on Affleck’s promotional ride to his Oscar-winning future.
  13. Why the Casey Affleck Sexual-Harassment Allegations Just Won’t StickBen Affleck’s little brother is a protected celebrity.
  14. best of
    43 of the Best Non-Punk Mohawks EverAnd its less cool step-brother, the faux-hawk.