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Casual Racism

  1. everyday racism
    Fired Versace Employee Calls Out Store for RacismStaffers allegedly used a secret code for African-American customers.
  2. politics
    Fiancée of Trump’s Cabinet Pick Wrote a Really Offensive Book About AfricaA critic called it “the defining work of the White-Savior-in-Africa genre for the digital age.”
  3. everyday racism
    Don’t Try to Gaslight Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie About Trump’s Racism“I am sorry, but if you are a white man you don’t get to define what racism is.”
  4. casual racism
    Black Doctor Told They Needed ‘Actual Physicians’ During Flight EmergencyOB-GYN Tamika Cross says Delta discriminated against her when she was trying to offer assistance.
  5. everyday racism
    Solange Knowles Was Just Trying to Enjoy Kraftwerk, You JerksSolange Knowles and her family dared to dance at a Kraftwerk concert, and someone pelted her with a lime.
  6. casual racism
    Zendaya Says a Store Clerk Refused Service Because of Her ‘Skin Tone’The actress recalled the incident on her Snapchat on Tuesday night.
  7. 2016 olympics
    CA Paper Apologizes for Simone Manuel HeadlineThe headline read, “Olympics: Michael Phelps shares historic night with African-American.”
  8. casual racism
    Miss Teen USA Will Not Lose Her Title, Despite Tweets Containing the N-WordRegarding Karlie Hay’s past racial slurs, the Miss Universe organization writes, “We as an organization are committed to supporting her continued growth.”
  9. casual racism
    Wow, Miss Teen USA Karlie Hay Sure Liked to Use the N-Word on TwitterUhhhh.
  10. everyday racism
    TSA Will Finally Stop Searching Black Women’s Hair for No ReasonNatural hair is not a national security threat.
  11. casual racism
    Racist Twihards Harass FKA Twigs for Dating Robert Pattinson People aren’t down with interracial relationships.
  12. i am not oprah
    No, I Will Not Dress As Oprah for Halloween Just Because I’m BlackNavigating costumes in “post-racial America.”