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Casual Sexism

  1. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Allegedly Propositioned the Former Miss HungaryThis was possibly during the same trip as the infamous golden-showers incident.
  2. casual sexism
    New Anti-Hazing Rules in Pro Baseball Means Players Can’t Dress As WomenThe hazing ritual in MLB had often involved rookie players dressing as all sorts of female characters and personalities.
  3. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant Save Santa and Fight Sexism on Saturday Night LiveDyke and Fats are back to save Christmas!
  4. casual sexism
    Here’s Why the Dictionary Changed Its Definition of ‘Femininity’Merriam-Webster admits when they’re wrong.
  5. casual sexism
    Newt Gingrich Says ‘You’re Not Supposed to Gain 60 Pounds’ While Miss UniverseNewt … thank you.
  6. casual sexism
    Sean Lennon Thinks the Term “Mansplaining” Is SexistSean Lennon would like to talk to you about mansplaining.
  7. #nbcfail
    NBC Commentator Regrets What He Said on Live TVThis isn’t really helping.
  8. 2016 olympics
    NBC Blames Women for Late Olympics Broadcast, Extra CommercialsBecause women prefer reality TV.
  9. weighty issues
    Airline Grounds 130 Crew Members Over Their BMIsBut the BMI policy doesn’t actually make sense.
  10. casual sexism
    Zuckerberg Explains His Gray T-Shirts, Sounds Pretty SexistHe puts his pants on one leg at a time, too; he just doesn’t care about which style.
  11. this is not how you use the slowclap
    The Daily Show Takes on the ‘Horny Slow Clap’The latest tool in the catcall arsenal.