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Cat Fights

  1. cat fights
    DVF Gives Choupette Some Feline CompetitionLet the cat fight commence, literally.
  2. open letters
    Gaultier Joins the Open Letter Trend After a Bad Couture ReviewYour turn, Tim Blanks.
  3. catfights
    Marc Jacobs Continues Graffiti Duel With KidultMo’ vandalism, mo’ T-shirts.
  4. beef
    Oscar de la Renta Won’t Ban Cathy Horyn Over This Hot Dog SillinessHe’s not going to get carried away.
  5. graffiti catfights
    Marc Jacobs Appears to Be in a Fight With Graffiti Artist KidultBoth parties are tweeting about it.
  6. catfights
    PETA Insults Kanye West’s Fashion DesignsOh, snap!
  7. lawsuits
    Macy’s Calls JCPenney ‘A Less Upscale Retailer’Oh, snap.
  8. orange people
    Abercrombie & Fitch Filed Their Defense Against The Situation’s Lawsuit They want the Sitch’s case dismissed.
  9. orange people
    The Situation Sues Abercrombie for Trademark InfringementThey made fun of him, and now he’s mad.
  10. catfights
    Competition Between Lincoln Center and Milk Studios Is Getting Ugly, ApparentlyThe rival sites are competing for fashion shows and money.
  11. catfights
    Jessica White’s Criminal Charges Have Been DismissedShe just has to take some anger-management classes.
  12. model tracker
    Jessica White Was ‘Flustered’ by Elevator Incident at This Year’s Victoria’s Secret CastingShe didn’t walk in this year’s show.
  13. model tracker
    Model Jessica White Charged With Assault for CatfightShe really wanted that taxi.
  14. catfights
    Video: Models of the Runway Looks Kind of AmazingOne word: catfights.
  15. cat fights
    The Fight Over Kelly Bensimon’s Owl Jewelry Makes So Much SenseWe could not be more sarcastic.
  16. cat fights
    Kenley Collins Is Back on the LooseFollowing her arrest for allegedly assaulting her ex-fiancé with a cat, a laptop, and apples.