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Cat Marnell

  1. are u coming?
    Meg Superstar Princess Wants to Be 2022’s Edie Sedgwick“I’m insufferable, but it’s feminist because it’s being real.”
  2. are u coming?
    Dirty Bathwater at Le BainFrom the launch party to the after-party for the new downtown magazine for “hookers and truants.”
  3. q&a
    Cat Marnell Is the Lifestyle Guru We DeserveTalking with the notorious author and “It” girl about her new “alternative lifestyle” column.
  4. q&a
    Cat Marnell Pays Taxes NowAfter two years of living abroad in cheap hotels, the writer is ready to get back to work.
  5. cut cover story
    Cat Marnell Is Still AliveAnd the “unhealthy health writer” has a new memoir.
  6. book excerpt
    How to Murder Your LifeI was a slutty and self-loathing downtown party girl fellatrix rushing to ruin.
  7. setbacks
    25 Famous Women on How Getting Fired Makes You StrongerLessons from Joan Rivers, Kerry Washington, Hari Nef, and more.
  8. everything old is new again
    Cat Marnell Is Back at xoJaneThe prodigal daughter returns.
  9. party lines
    Party Pics: Alexander Wang, Cat Marnell, Tina Fey, and MoreLet the holiday-themed parties begin.
  10. oversharing
    How to Win at the Women’s Memoir GameOne way to cut critics to the quick is to concede up front that you’re in it for the cash.
  11. first looks
    Cat Marnell’s New Sex Tips, Ranked From Least to Most SexualOn the topic of becoming a groupie in 2013.
  12. faces of things
    Cat Marnell Now Modeling Peacock-Print Leggings“I WANNA MOB WITH THE MOST OFFICIAL BITCHES.”
  13. reclaiming things
    Cat Marnell Reclaiming Bulimia Now“It’s part of being a woman.”
  14. profile
    It Happened to Jane PrattShe helped launch confessional culture with the Gen X bible Sassy. Now 49, she’s den mother to its journalistic progeny.
  15. ins and outs
    Cat Marnell’s New Vice Column Has Commenced [Updated]It’s about … drugs.
  16. hugs not drugs
    Cat Marnell Needs to Get Some Sleep Before She Can Talk About Leaving xoJane.comShe’s no longer employed by Jane Pratt.
  17. quotables
    Cat Marnell: ‘Why Do I Have to Clean Up?’The xoJane.com beauty director talks pills, lipstick, and rehab.