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  1. Parenting Makes Everyone a Selfish Little BabyAnyone raising young kids with a partner will recognize themselves in the latest season of Catastrophe.
  2. The ‘Filter Bubble’ Explains Why Trump Won and You Didn’t See It ComingWhat happens when you only get news that supports your worldview.
  3. catastrophe
    Sappy, Symbolic Gestures Matter a Lot TodayIt’s an awful day for a lot of people, but it’s also a day to broadcast the social norms you care about.
  4. cut tv club
    10 TV Shows We’re Watching Right NowWelcome to the first installment of the Cut TV club.
  5. romance
    Maybe Constant Mockery Is the Key to a Happy Marriage?What Catastrophe gets right about love.
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    TV’s Realest New Mom on Being a Woman in ComedyAn interview with Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan.