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  1. scent memories
    Catbird’s Creative Directors Share Their Favorite New York ScentsOatmeal, Fire Island, and ginkgo trees.
  2. collaboration station
    Ultra-Feminine Jewelry by a Hollywood StylistLeith Clark teamed up with Catbird for a capsule collection.
  3. lab rat
    A Shine Spray to Spruce Up Dull HairMermaid-approved.  
  4. lab rat
    Lab Rat: The Legend of the Tiny $1 Egg-White SoapBeauty lore from Sweden. 
  5. best bets
    Best Bet: Satomi Kawakita Emerald RingDelicate and unusual.
  6. talent scout
    Tsuyumi’s Luxe Winter Hats Meld Warmth and StyleThe Japan-based designer combines cashmere, wool, fur, and chunky yarns in her standout headwear.
  7. best bets
    Best Bet: Colored Enamel LocketsGlossy enamel replaces dated gold filigree.
  8. best bets
    Best Bet: Alphabet RingsDelicate sterling-silver rings made for stacking.
  9. best bets
    Best Bet: Chart Your TravelsThis hand-printed map comes with color-coded pins for marking where you’ve been.
  10. trendlet
    Slideshow: 22 Roughed-Up BaublesCheck out our favorite plucked-from-nature designs from Pamela Love, Anthropologie, Stone & Honey, and more.
  11. feathered fashion
    Wing It With Feathered Hair AccessoriesA sampling of party-ready feathered hair accessories, from subtle, tufted clips to bold, Kenley-esque headwear.