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  1. sexual harassment
    France Is Reportedly Considering Fining Men for CatcallingIn the wake of the Harvey Weinstein allegations.
  2. politics
    French Politician Calls for Heavy Fines for Street HarassmentMinister of Gender Equality Marlène Schiappa has a plan to make the streets of France safer for women and girls.
  3. This Study Offers Insight Into Why Certain Men May Harass Women on the StreetThe study looked at men in four regions of the Middle East.
  4. types of catcalls
    Tatcalling: Your New Form of Street Harassment “Can I see your tattoo?” is the new “Hey Sugartits!”
  5. catcalls
    What Street Harassment Looks Like in Mexico CityThe Brooklyn-based artist behind “Stop Telling Women to Smile” takes her project to Mexico.