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  1. catwalk
    This Stray Cat Walking a Fashion Runway Is a True IconA star is born.
  2. catnip
    Which Cat Is the Hottest Cat From Cats? A Helpful Guide.With the Idris Elba movie casting rumor, here’s a look into the hottest feline characters from Cats.
  3. good ideas
    Now Is the Time to Abandon Your Life & Move to This Greek Island With 55 CatsDo it.
  4. fake fans
    I Love This Cats-Obsessed Gymnast Even Though She’s a PoserCeline van Gerner dedicated her floor routine to the musical … but she’s never even seen it!
  5. it's about cats. singing cats. you'll love it.
    Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and James Corden Are Somehow in the Cats MovieIan McKellen will also appear in Tom Hooper’s film.
  6. interruptions
    Can You Spot the Cat in This Video?Keep your eyes open.
  7. get a hobby
    The Best Hobby Is Something That Has Nothing to Do With Your JobI spend my free time with stray cats, and it’s great.
  8. hijinks
    A Service Dog Got Loose and Chased an Actress During a Performance of Cats Adorable chaos.
  9. niche drama
    This Week in Drama: Jane Fonda on Megyn Kelly, the Cat Café Meltdown, and MoreWe recap the pettiest squabbles, juiciest feuds, and other niche drama you didn’t know you were living for every week.
  10. space of the week
    A Sunny Brooklyn Home Designed for Booklovers and CatsBFDO Architects revamped this townhouse to suit a literary couple and their two inquisitive felines.
  11. Let’s Talk About the Playlist at Trump’s RallyOrganizers played “Memory” from “Cats” ahead of Trump’s speech.
  12. instagram cats
    Here, Have This Extremely Heartwarming Story About a Paralyzed KittenDo yourself a favor and follow Kitten Lady today.
  13. mysteries
    This Woman Walked Her Cat in the Senate BuildingWhose cat is this?
  14. Here’s Why Your Cat Loves Crawling Into Small SpacesAn explanation for that whole #Catsquare thing.
  15. We’re Now One Step Closer to Knowing What Cats Are Actually Thinking▶️ Cats’ emotions break down into three categories …
  16. Your Cat’s Favorite Thing to Do Is Hanging Out With YouThe feeling is mutual, cat.
  17. Scientists Really Want You to Send Them Your Cat’s PoopWe already know our gut bacteria can influence our health and behavior. Researchers want to investigate the same thing in your pet.
  18. mysteries
    What Happened to Marnie’s Cat on Girls?An illustrated guide.
  19. men with cats
    The Wonderful Cat Guys of Kedi Are an Antidote to All the Bad Men in the WorldThis documentary about the street cats of Istanbul and the men who care for them will warm even the most cynical of hearts.
  20. niche drama
    The Cat Wine Industry Is Fraught With DramaYou don’t say.
  21. The Evolutionary Reason Cats Are Badass LonersNot a pack animal.
  22. wellness theories
    Miu Miu Star Stacy Martin on Weird Sex Scenes, Filming With Cats, and BarreAnd whatever happened to the cat in that Miu Miu commercial?
  23. pets
    Humans and Cats Have a Strange, Complicated HistoryHow we got the house cat.
  24. Your Cat’s Tongue Is Basically a Tiny Detangling HairbrushScience!
  25. cat beauty
    Your Cat’s Tongue Is Basically a Tiny Detangling HairbrushScience!
  26. roll clip!
    Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig Will Make You Want to Hug All the CatsSNL revisits “Whiskers R We” for some cat-lady jokes that are actually funny.
  27. theories
    Did Julian Assange Put a Necktie on His Cat to Distract From Rape Charges?On the day Julian Assange was interviewed by Swedish prosecutors over rape accusations at the Ecuadorian embassy, his cat was seen wearing a necktie.
  28. These 12 Spoiled Persian Cats Have the Best LifeThey’ve become Instagram superstars.
  29. parenting
    Sorry, But You’re Not Your Dog’s MomYou can trust your pet, but you can’t trust children.
  30. taylor swift
    Here’s Instagram Evidence That Taylor Swift’s Cat Is Really AnnoyingSTOP MEOWING, MEREDITH.
  31. Apparently, Animals Dream of Learning, TooHumans aren’t the only creatures that get smarter with sleep.
  32. cool animals
    Gaze Upon the Visage of This Beautiful and Haunting Cat StatueRest in peace, Tombili.
  33. the internet
    Why Do All My Instagram Cats Keep Dying?When real life encroaches on the virtual.
  34. There Is a Cat Running for President, and Its Name Is Limberbutt McCubbinsThis is what demeowcracy looks like.
  35. Doctors Rudely Warn Public Not to Snuggle KittensI feel personally attacked.
  36. personal attacks
    Doctors Rudely Warn Public Not to Snuggle KittensI feel personally attacked.
  37. A Record Label Is Releasing an Album Just for CatsFeaturing a symphony orchestra and purring sounds.
  38. hot shot
    North West Is Unimpressed by the Cast of CatsMemory, all alone in the moonlight.
  39. influencers
    This Cat Rolling Around in Glitter Is the Best YouTube Makeup TutorialLook, it’s the exact pet you wanted when you were 8.
  40. Feeder Puzzles Let Cats Perform Their Birthright As HuntersKitty CrossFit.
  41. distress signals
    Taylor Swift’s Cat Blinks Twice for HELPCheck out these pictures of Taylor Swift’s cat, and then call 911.
  42. cat ladies
    This Woman Loved Cats So Much She Made Her Home a Stray-Cat BoardinghousePerhaps you relate.
  43. jealousy
    Ugh, Great, Two More Hot Instagram Models to Compete WithCan they not?
  44. It Seems That Cats Are Very Into NutritionNothing tastes as good as a balanced diet feels.
  45. Demi Lovato Returned Her New Cat After One DayShe was allergic.
  46. the strategist
    Editors’ Picks: Stuff Your Cat Will Love, Featuring Toys, Litter, and MoreBecause cats are really picky.
  47. beauty chats
    Ruby Rose Is Mystified by People With No TattoosThe actress on body art, gender fluidity, and teaching her cat to act like a dog.
  48. now try this
    Katy Perry’s Lipsticks Won’t Make Your Face Look Like a ButtIt’s special that way.
  49. cat cafés
    Cat Cafés Are DisgustingAnd I love cats!
  50. This Cat Is Really Good at InstagramShe’s basically the Gigi Hadid of cats. 
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