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  1. disco intern
    There Is No Way Lady Gaga Has Time to Intern at Philip TreacyShe has to get dressed, you know.
  2. gimmicks
    Mark Indelicato to Intern at Teen VogueChild actors are in, athletes are out.
  3. celebrinterns
    Coco Rocha Would Like You to Know She’s Not Interning at VogueBut Demi Moore’s daughter is at ‘Harper’s Bazaar.’
  4. celebrinterns
    Spotted: Sean Avery in Ridiculous Swishy Pants and GlassesIn the meatpacking district, natch.
  5. celebrinterns
    What’s New in the World of Sean ‘Puckface’ AveryLots of stuff, but most amusingly, the working title of the movie based on him is ‘Puckface.’
  6. celebrinterns
    Elle’s New Famous-Athlete Intern Works the Luncheon SceneWhy organize the fashion closet and send faxes when you can hobnob with famous people?
  7. celebrinterns
    Elle Has a Celebrity Athlete Intern NowHis name is Stew Bradley, and he plays football for the Eagles.