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Celebrities Who Design

  1. celebrities who design
    More on Kelly Osbourne’s New Clothing LineIt’s inspired by maternity jeans and bandage dresses.
  2. celebrities who design
    Pharrell’s Moncler Sunglasses Resemble GogglesIn a good way.
  3. Rihanna’s Co-Designer to Make Fashion Week DebutSooo does that mean Rihanna’s coming?
  4. celebrities who design
    Rihanna’s Newest River Island Designs: Lots of Camo, G4Life MotifAnd underwear with “RiRi” on the waistband.
  5. slash jobs
    Next for Katie Holmes: Fragrance, More FashionShe’ll do another Holmes & Yang presentation during New York Fashion Week. 
  6. scantily clad hotties
    Penélope Cruz’s Porny Lingerie Ad Is Unexpectedly FunnyWith an excellent performance from Javier Bardem.
  7. celebrities who design
    Rihanna Having Difficulty With Winter Clothes“The way I approach winter style is to layer up summer clothes.”
  8. celebrities who design
    Rihanna: ‘I Wanted to Make Clothes for Fat Days’She displays her new “designs” in this video.
  9. slash jobs
    Andrej Pejic Plots Shoe Line, ‘Codeine Heels’Hypothetically, sometime in the future.
  10. slash jobs
    Justin Timberlake Might Abandon His Fashion Label, William RastSupposedly by the end of the year.
  11. celebrities who design
    See Rihanna Engaging in the ‘Design Process’ for Her New LineIt’s for “sassy young personalities.”
  12. Rihanna’s Line to Debut at London Fashion WeekWith a runway show and everything.
  13. celebrities who design
    Is Katie Holmes Not Showing at Fashion Week?Holmes & Yang is not on IMG’s preliminary schedule.
  14. slash jobs
    Rachel Zoe Joins Kim Kardashian at ShoeDazzleAdding to their roster of celebrities.
  15. celebrities who design
    Here Is Katie Holmes’s Birthday OutfitShe turns 34 today.
  16. the twilight zoe
    Rachel Zoe’s Clothing Line SputtersOn a positive note, lots of it is now on sale.
  17. celebrities who design
    Kristin Cavallari’s Chinese Laundry Shoes Are Here!Carmen Electra is a fan, apparently.
  18. friends in high places
    Dwyane Wade Finally Gets That Fashion Line StartedHis shoes will be shown at New York Fashion Week.
  19. people who might be pregnant
    Jessica Simpson Reportedly Pregnant AgainOof.
  20. mister elusive
    Kanye West Won’t Show a Collection This SeasonWhat does this mean for his label?
  21. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes Wants Her Clothes to Make Women Look ‘Skinny and Hot’Holmes & Yang’s Fashion Week debut was otherwise underwhelming.
  22. slash jobs
    Kristin Cavallari Designs for Chinese Laundry NowIsn’t it so great when these collaborations make perfect sense?
  23. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes’s Fashion Presentation Set for Lincoln CenterHolmes & Yang will show at the tents.
  24. celebrities who design
    Kardashians Join Topshop’s Sir Philip GreenThey announced plans to go international today.
  25. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes Sets the Date for Her Fashion Week PresentationSaturday, September 8 at 9 p.m.
  26. zomg jewelry
    Oh Hey, Rachel Zoe’s Jewelry Is Now for SaleIt’s gold and flashy.
  27. slash jobs
    Liam Gallagher’s Clothing Label Is Selling WellHe’s expanding to Copenhagen and Tokyo.
  28. her madgesty
    Slideshow: See Truth or Dare by Madonna’s First Shoe CollectionThere’s a lot of stilettos, studs, and metallic details.
  29. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes’s Label Is Enjoying a Nice Sales Boost, UnsurprisinglyWell, color us surprised.
  30. celebrity divorces
    Katie Holmes Accomplished Much in This Orange Dress She finalized her divorce, for one.
  31. slash jobs
    Livia Firth Ventures Into Fashion DesignShe’s already got a Ph.D. and Colin Firth, so why not?
  32. celebrity divorces
    A Look at Katie Holmes’s Meticulously Executed Post-Split AppearancesWhat she’s worn, where she’s gone, and why she went.
  33. celebrities who design
    Katie Holmes’s Next Career Move: Fashion!Her clothing line, Holmes & Yang, will show at New York Fashion Week for the first time this fall.
  34. slash jobs
    Amar’e Stoudemire Is Cooking Up a Menswear LineThat’s all he’ll say for now.
  35. celebrities who design
    Nicole Richie Is Launching Her First FragranceOut in September.
  36. babies
    Jessica Simpson Promises to Have ‘One of the Most Amazing Weddings of All Time’She’ll carry her new baby down the aisle.
  37. celebrities who design
    Chloë Sevigny on Going to Fashion Shows: ‘It’s Not Fun for Me — It’s Work’“It helps me make a lot of money, so it’s kind of important.”
  38. formerly pregnant celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson Is Designing Maternitywear, of Course“You want to show your bump off.” 
  39. babies
    No One Squabbled Over Jessica Simpson’s Baby PicturesPeople magazine will pay about $800,000 for them.
  40. celebrities who design
    Mischa Barton Debuted Her Clothing Line in Dubai Last NightAnd she’ll open a store in London next month.
  41. celebrities who design
    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Designs Underwear NowHow convenient!
  42. celebrities who design
    Klum Designs Baby Line, ‘Truly Scrumptious’“I know a lot about dinosaurs.”
  43. celebrities who design
    Jenny McCarthy Still Uses the Word MILFWhen referring to herself, naturally.
  44. catfights
    PETA Insults Kanye West’s Fashion DesignsOh, snap!
  45. shoes by orange people
    Yes, Snooki Is Expanding Into Kids’ SlippersYou saw this coming.
  46. celebrities who design
    Crying Fans and ‘Sassy’ Models at Ivanka Trump’s First-Ever Fashion ShowIt was quite the Trump family affair.
  47. celebrities who design
    Mischa Barton Has a Clothing Line Now, ApparentlyIt’s called “Mischa’s Place.”
  48. celebrities who design
    Madonna: ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’ and Buy My Shoes’You’ll have 60 styles to choose from. 
  49. show and tell
    Kim Kardashian, Go-Karts at Kanye WestAlso, André Leon Talley wore Uggs and velour.
  50. celebrities who design
    Jessica Simpson to Appear on Biggest LoserTo give free clothes to contestants.
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