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  1. true love?
    Everything There Is to Know About Taylor Swift and Travis KelceAmerica’s favorite couple is headed to the Super Bowl (probably).
  2. reasons to love new york
    New York’s Got a New BaronessShe went to Europe for work and came home with a title.
  3. dating
    Linda Evangelista Has an Excellent Reason to Stay Single“I don’t want to hear somebody breathing.”
  4. celebrities
    Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Lawrence Love Makeup, Not Plastic SurgeryThe two sat down for a frank conversation about why their faces look different now.
  5. sure why not
    Bennifer Takes Another Shot at the MoviesIf Gigli can’t keep them down, nothing will.
  6. celebrities
    Martha Stewart Walks Back Thanksgiving CancellationJust in time.
  7. celebrities
    Kim Kardashian’s Next Move Is Comedy StarHollywood is reportedly fighting over a new movie that would star Kardashian in a leading role.
  8. spooky szn
    The Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2023Once again, the famouses and their glam squads went all out.
  9. vmas 2023
    Megan Thee Stallion Just Talks With Her Hands, Okay?The rapper explains her viral VMAs encounter with Justin Timberlake.
  10. 2000s
    This Is the Only Early-Aughts Revival We NeedNelly and Ashanti are really back together.
  11. style
    Gigi Hadid Was Allegedly Arrested for Marijuana on VacationIt seems like she still had a great trip, though.
  12. celebrities
    Jackie Goldschneider Suggests Some Real Housewives Use Ozempic“I’m very very scared of what will happen if and when people have to go off this drug.”
  13. petty
    May We All Strive to Be As Petty As Lana Del ReyShe claims she only made one billboard for her new album — in her ex’s hometown.
  14. parties!
    Tessa Thompson, Alexa Demie, and More of the Bestest Party Pics This WeekNeiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Loewe, and others had celebrations this week, and the stars turned out.
  15. fall fashion
    We Asked 850 Cut Readers What’s Tasteful and What’s TackyAre high-heeled Crocs tacky? What about an Hervé Léger bandage dress? And, for crying out loud, is Audrey Hepburn still the best we’ve got?
  16. parties!
    Selena Gomez, Emily Ratajkowski, and More of the Bestest Party Pics This WeekThis week: Marc Jacobs’s fall 2022 presentation, NFT parties, and Pride celebrations.
  17. met gala 2022
    What Is It Like to Photograph the Met Gala?Flo Ngala, the first Black woman to do so, tells us her experience.
  18. celebrity
    Oh, to Have Meditated Through the Oscars SlapOnly Questlove knows peace.
  19. oscars 2022
    Regina Hall Is Single and Administering COVID TestsThank you for your service.
  20. spotted
    We Draw the Line at Ponchos, J.LoAren’t low-rise pants enough?
  21. nervous state
    What Celebrities Use to Cope With AnxietyRecommendations for Bella Hadid’s journaling method, Taraji P. Henson’s meditation app, and more.
  22. bing bong
    The Best TikToks of 2021Revisiting the funniest and most chaotic trends of the year.
  23. glossier hoodie who?
    Timothée Chalamet Designed a Hoodie At least the $230 it costs goes to a good cause.
  24. the cut podcast
    You and I Are in a Parasocial RelationshipOn just how much is too much when it comes to stanning celebrities, and why we do it in the first place.
  25. parties!
    The Bestest Party Looks of the WeekDid someone say Doc Martens?
  26. wedding bells
    Sounds Like Britney Is Indeed Getting a PrenupPhew!
  27. dating rumors
    I Can’t Stop Watching This Video of Kehlani and SZAIt’s the holding hands for me!
  28. i’d buy that
    Was Kristen Stewart Visited by Princess Diana’s Ghost?It sure sounds like it.
  29. absolutely not
    Someone Really Wanted the Cursed Old CakeA slice of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s 40-year-old wedding cake sold for a “very unexpected” price at auction.
  30. celebrity babies
    EmRata Is PregnantShe announced her pregnancy in an essay for Vogue.
  31. totally kind of hot
    Borat Is … Totally Kind of Hot?Whereas Sacha Baron Cohen is simply conventionally hot.
  32. romance
    Katie Holmes Is Now Dating a Sexy Pasta ScionAccording to recent paparazzi photos of her furiously making out with restaurateur Emilio Vitolo Jr.
  33. let’s makeup
    Selena Gomez Sees a Connection Between Beauty and Mental HealthShe aims to address both with her new line, Rare Beauty.
  34. shudder
    Which Celebrity Is Having the Most Haunting Time?Ben Affleck smoking a cigarette in a mask? Or the Real Housewives trying to clean?
  35. pda
    OK, Ben Affleck, We Get ItHe’s taking social-isolation PDA to new heights.
  36. unhinged
    What Happened to Armie Hammer?The actor has a new look.
  37. helpful!
    At last, a Celeb Beauty Routine That Actually Sounds DoableCourtesy of Martha Stewart.
  38. self-isolation
    We’ll Allow Shirtless Handstands This One TimeJake Gyllenhaal shows off his strengths.
  39. skin deep
    Handwashing Tutorials Are What We Watch NowA new kind of celebrity skin-care routine.
  40. boyfriends
    A Taxonomy of New Boyfriend Types for Famous WomenThe rise of the Saturday Night Live boyfriend, the art-gallerist boyfriend, and the chef boyfriend.
  41. celebrity
    One Defiant Woman Wore Lip Gloss to the Goop No-Makeup PartyFearless.
  42. nailed it
    Guess What Lizzo’s Manicure Smells LikeGuess!
  43. mustache news
    Farewell to Justin Bieber’s Dreaded MustacheAnd congrats to Hailey Bieber.
  44. bye bye
    Fare Thee Well, Smith JerrodDon’t panic, he’s just getting married.
  45. oscars 2020
    The 13 Most Impressive Beauty Looks From the OscarsHair scarves, pearl parts, and van Gogh nails.
  46. doin it for the gram
    Why Are Celebrities Making These Weird Faces on Instagram?I can’t look away.
  47. grammys 2020
    The 9 Best Beauty Looks From the GrammysIncluding baby hairs, blue eye shadow, and killer nails.
  48. hands
    What Makes Justin Bieber’s Hands So ‘Good’?Why does Hailey Bieber think Justin Bieber’s hands are “good”? Let’s discuss.
  49. the titular london boy
    How Does Taylor Swift’s Boyfriend Feel About Being Her Muse?Half of the secretive couple talks about what it’s like to be a “Lover” subject.
  50. good for her
    New Reports Surface on the Inner Workings of Emma Stone’s FiancéThe star got engaged last week, and now we have a bit more insight into her beau.
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