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  1. celebrity designers
    Wear Less and Go Out More in Drake’s New DesignsHis first women’s line is out, and he’s got tracksuits for days.
  2. celebrity designers
    Melissa McCarthy Designing a Line for All Sizes“When you go above a size 12, you don’t lose your love of fashion.”
  3. fall fashion issue
    Who Wants to Dress Like Ryan Seacrest? A Lot of People, Presumably.He’s trying his luck at men’s suits.
  4. do’s and don’ts
    How to Wear Ke$ha’s Penis JewelryPenis charm necklaces selling out.
  5. mass retail
    Nicki Minaj’s Crazy Kmart Clothes Are PerfectOr: Why Kmart’s celebrity clothing is the best.
  6. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Are Launching a Lifestyle Line for Kohl’sTommy Hilfiger is somehow involved.
  7. ivanka trump
    If You Like Ivanka Trump’s Shoes and Jewelry, Wait Till You See Her CondosEveryone loves an entrepreneur.
  8. slash jobs
    Lauren Conrad Is Once Again Designing a Clothing LineAnd this time, she’s looping in her BFFs.
  9. slash jobs
    Ke$ha Is the New ‘Brand Ambassador’ for Casio WatchesA designer is born.
  10. the celebrification of fashion
    The Oft-Barefoot Joss Stone Will Design Shoes for Nine WestThe capsule collection will be released in fall 2010.
  11. inevitable things
    Alexa Chung to Make High-Waisted Skinny Jeans for MadewellFigures.
  12. carried to halston
    First Came Lindsay Lohan, Then Came Sarah Jessica ParkerWhat the actress’s Halston appointment could mean for fashion.
  13. celebrity designers
    Sarah Jessica Parker to Design for HalstonShe’ll be taking on the secondary line, Halston Heritage.
  14. everyone’s a designer
    Brangelina Jump Onto the Celeb Design BandwagonThe baby-loving duo has a new jewelry collection out this week — with a snake theme.
  15. cancel this
    Kristin Davis Collection Discontinued; New York Fashion Show CanceledThe actress parted ways with Belk, the department store that carried her line.
  16. inevitable things
    Jennifer Lopez Will Temporarily Spare the U.S. Her Clothing LineShe’s just not very good at branding herself.
  17. second acts
    Nicole Richie to Expand House of Harlow Beyond AccessoriesThe celeb designer will add clothing and shoes to her House of Harlow 1960 collection.
  18. when celebrities design
    Fans Ravenous for Liam Gallagher’s Boring Clothing LineOver 10,000 people tried to buy his plain T-shirts and scarves online this morning.
  19. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: Whitney Port’s Line Might Outlast Its PeersWe’re not saying Whitney Eve is a diamond, but it’s something tolerable in the celebrity-fashion-line trough.
  20. gay fish
    At This Very Moment, Kanye West Is Deeply Absorbed in Clothing DesignAnd himself, of course.
  21. mantasies
    Liam Gallagher Is Launching a Very Serious, Non-Skinny Clothing LineHis mission: to make clothes he wants to wear and get rid of skinny pants.
  22. new york fugging city
    Fug Girls: The Katie Holmes Marketing ConundrumWhy is the Cruise camp having such a hard time turning her into Kidman 2.0?
  23. beauty marks
    50 Cent to Launch Cosmetics LineJust who does he think he is? Diddy?
  24. everyone’s a designer
    Whitney Port Hates Cabs, Loves New York’s ‘Fresh Air’Girl, what you smell is not fresh.
  25. everyone’s a designer
    Whitney Port Isn’t Just Another Celebrity DesignerHer California-style line Whitney Eve is “unique” because of its vintage inspiration. Mhmm.
  26. everyone’s a designer
    Celebs Insist on Wearing Their Own CrapFor LiLo or Lauren Conrad, it kinda works. But J.Lo, Katie Holmes, and Matthew McConaughey? Cringe.
  27. party lines
    SJP, Keys, and Webb at the NYC Ballet OpeningMark Indelicato, who plays Justin, plans to launch a line of jeans and dresses.
  28. celebrity fashion lines
    Hayden Panettiere Designs Bag for Dooney & BourkeIf you need any further evidence that celebrity fashion lines will never die, here it is.
  29. celebrity fashion lines
    Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Jewelry Line Now on SaleFor a celebrity line, the sixties- and seventies-inspired collection is both affordable and wearable.
  30. party lines
    Michelle Kwan to Design a Clothing LineIt will be inspired by — get this — yoga, exercise, and fitness.