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Celebrity Fashion Lines

  1. quotables
    For Kate Hudson, Leggings Are Performance ArtThere is a long quote about creativity and consciousness, and it ends in leggings.
  2. interview
    Glenn Beck, Denim Snob: Inside the Design Process for His New Jeans Line“We’re going through them, and he’s rubbing them, feeling them, and laying them on his leg. And he’s like, ‘No.’ ”
  3. celebrity fashion lines
    Glenn Beck Offers Not-Progressive Levi’s AlternativeHis jeans are made in eighteenth-century America.
  4. people who do nothing for a living
    Lauren Conrad’s Clothing Line Is No MoreBut word is she’s planning a new, higher-end line.
  5. biting dust
    The Economy Takes Down Celebrity Fashion LinesWe can’t say that makes us sad.
  6. everyone’s a designer
    Whitney Port Hates Cabs, Loves New York’s ‘Fresh Air’Girl, what you smell is not fresh.
  7. everyone’s a designer
    Whitney Port Isn’t Just Another Celebrity DesignerHer California-style line Whitney Eve is “unique” because of its vintage inspiration. Mhmm.
  8. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Wears Leggings When She’s Uncomfortable With Her BodyShe also wears a size 0 in her brand 6126.
  9. celebrity fashion lines
    Katy Perry Wants to Design ClothesBecause, really, what celebrity doesn’t?
  10. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Lohan’s Leggings Line Defies the RecessionMuch of it costs $100 or more, but retailers report that it’s flying off the shelves.
  11. celebrity fashion lines
    Hayden Panettiere Designs Bag for Dooney & BourkeIf you need any further evidence that celebrity fashion lines will never die, here it is.
  12. celebrity fashion lines
    Jessica Biel Will NOT Design Handbags for William RastWe’re grateful another celebrity fashion line got squashed before it started.
  13. celebrity fashion lines
    Jessica Biel to Design Handbags for Boyfriend’s Clothing LineSo she’s not an independent woman, but at least she’s not launching her own line separately.
  14. celebrity fashion lines
    Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow 1960 Jewelry Line Now on SaleFor a celebrity line, the sixties- and seventies-inspired collection is both affordable and wearable.
  15. model-igners
    Molly Sims to Launch Lingerie LineNo leopard included. But beyond that it’s very confusing.
  16. celebrity fashion lines
    Usher’s Next Gig: Lingerie DesignerUsher says he may launch a line of women’s and men’s lingerie.
  17. celebrity fashion lines
    Rihanna’s Clothing Line Is ‘Definitely Going to Happen’We won’t fight it. We’ll just offer some advice.
  18. twin fight
    Ashley Olsen Wants Mary-Kate Off The RowApparently she’s immature and holding Ashley back as a businesswoman.
  19. celebrity fashion lines
    Olsens to Design MenswearAnd it will reportedly launch next fall.
  20. celebrity fashion lines
    Lindsay Lohan Now Making Self-Tanner, Cheaper LeggingsIt’s all the work of her new brand-development firm, Stay Gold.
  21. first looks
    M.I.A.’s Very Loud Clothing Line Now on SaleHonestly, we don’t know how she did it — the stuff is more early nineties than the early nineties ever were.
  22. silly hipsters
    Erin Wasson: ‘Homeless People Have the Best Style’“Like, when I go down to Venice beach and I see the homeless, like, I’m like ‘Oh my God, they’re pulling out, like, crazy looks and they, like, pulled shit out of like garbage cans.’ “
  23. celebrity fashion lines
    Bergdorf Goodman Interested in Posh’s FrocksThe company president said he’s taking a “hard look” at her new line of evening dresses.
  24. celebrity fashion lines
    Victoria Beckham Unveils Her New Fancy Dress LineThey’re really expensive and chock-full of corsets. Because Posh knows what women want.
  25. celebrity fashion lines
    Jamie-Lynn Sigler to Launch ‘C.J. Free’ Jewelry LineIt will launch in late fall, although Sigler’s not sure what stores will carry it.
  26. run through
    Sheryl Crow and Criss Angel Launch Clothing Lines; Fashion GroansIt’s the plague that never ends: celebrity fashion lines.