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Celebrity Memoirs

  1. celebrity memoirs
    Anna Faris’s Memoir Is Haunted by the Ghost of Her Breakup With Chris PrattThe whole reading experience is a rather depressing and confusing one.
  2. guaranteed bestsellers
    Caitlyn Jenner’s Memoir Is on the WayComing spring 2017.
  3. fallen idols
    Chrissie Hynde Doesn’t Care If You Buy Her Book or Her Version of RapeShe’s a rock star, not a spokesperson. 
  4. celebrity memoirs
    Whom Would You Pick to Ghostwrite Lindsay Lohan’s Memoir?J.K. Rowling vs. E.L. James vs. every other author ever. 
  5. memoirs
    Anjelica Huston’s Life With Difficult MenA whirlwind of wildly dramatic relationships.
  6. parenting
    Schwarzenegger: Affair ‘Worst Thing I’ve Ever Done’Probably not a fun thing to hear your dad say.