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  1. celebrity couples
    John Krasinski Cried When He Heard Emily Blunt Sing for the First TimeThe actor hadn’t heard his wife sing until 2014’s Into the Woods.
  2. celebrity profiles
    Kate McKinnon Said 6 Things in Her 4,000-Word Vanity Fair ProfileHere they are.
  3. celebrity profiles
    This Jon Hamm Interview Is Extremely Depressing“It’s hard to be single after being together for a long time. It’s really hard. It sucks.”
  4. john mayer’s thirst
    What Is John Mayer Even Talking About?He wants you to know he’s all good “anatomically and chemically.”
  5. revisionist history
    Miles Teller Is Still Upset About Being Called a DickHe wants to set the record straight.
  6. adventures in celebrity profiling
    Margot Robbie Is ‘Too Fresh to Be Pegged,’ ApparentlyRead as one Vanity Fair writer tries to peg her anyway.
  7. unwarranted flirting in print
    Amy Schumer Sees What You’re Doing There, Men’s MagazinesUgh, men
  8. quotables
    ScarJo Named Sexiest Lady of Our Year 2013She accepts this title because she’s “gotta hustle.”
  9. bravery
    Esquire Boldly Argues in Favor of Hot ChicksMegan Fox profile laments, “Women no longer need to be beautiful.”