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  1. self
    Celibacy As SurvivalSex — having it, thinking about it — dominated my life for years. When it stopped, the truth behind why became impossible to suppress.
  2. love and tiktok
    Are We Getting Sick of Hook-up Culture?Scrolling through celibacy TikTok.
  3. the most fertile man
    Nick Cannon Says His Therapist Thinks He Should Be CelibateIs his reign as Most Fertile Man coming to an end?!
  4. science of us
    7 Women on Choosing to Be Celibate“It’s much easier not trying to find someone all the time, but there is a physical loneliness that has nothing to do with sex.”
  5. mras
    Reddit Just Banned This Controversial Forum for Hating WomenPick-up artists beware.
  6. the law
    Idaho Judge Rules Rapist Must Not Have Sex Until MarriageAfter 19-year-old Cole Herrera pleaded guilty to statutory rape, his probation included one rare condition.
  7. celibacy
    Man Creates Video-Game Bedroom, Kills Sex Life A cautionary tale.
  8. A Parasite Museum: Japan’s Version of a Hot DateMaybe Japanese youths are celibate because their date spots are huge turnoffs.