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  1. the most fertile man
    Nick Cannon Says His Therapist Thinks He Should Be CelibateIs his reign as Most Fertile Man coming to an end?!
  2. science of us
    7 Women on Choosing to Be Celibate“It’s much easier not trying to find someone all the time, but there is a physical loneliness that has nothing to do with sex.”
  3. mras
    Reddit Just Banned This Controversial Forum for Hating WomenPick-up artists beware.
  4. the law
    Idaho Judge Rules Rapist Must Not Have Sex Until MarriageAfter 19-year-old Cole Herrera pleaded guilty to statutory rape, his probation included one rare condition.
  5. celibacy
    Man Creates Video-Game Bedroom, Kills Sex Life A cautionary tale.
  6. A Parasite Museum: Japan’s Version of a Hot DateMaybe Japanese youths are celibate because their date spots are huge turnoffs.