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  1. please stop freaking out everybody
    For the Love of God, Chill Out About That New Study on Cell Phones and CancerOr: Science isn’t a buffet.
  2. cultural phenomenons
    Area Dad Angry About Your Phone’s Data UsageThe angry text about going over your data limit: a cultural phenomenon. 
  3. cell phones
    Berkeley’s Cell-Phone Warning Highlights the Limits of the ‘Right to Know’“It’s hard to say people have the right to information that is false.”
  4. studies
    Your Cell Phone Is Distracting You Even If You’re Trying to Ignore ItAny kind of noise from your phone is enough to divert your attention, a study claims.
  5. learning
    The Downside of Allowing Cell Phones in SchoolsAllowing cell phones in classrooms could lead to a big dip in academic performance, particularly for students who already struggle.
  6. distraction
    Your Phone Is Distracting You Even When You’re Not Using ItPut it away. 
  7. Here, Hold This Fake Smartphone and Calm Down About the New iPhonesThough you’ll want to opt for the selfie upgrade. 
  8. Are Our Phones Making Us Less Empathetic?One researcher thinks so.
  9. relationships
    4 Ways Technology Is Your Relationship’s Third WheelCan’t live with it. Can’t live without it.
  10. charts
    3 Slightly Disturbing Figures That Reveal How Attached You Are to Your PhoneYour phone has you on an incredibly short leash. 
  11. fun with cell phones
    Chill Your Fertility-Panic About Cell Phones in PocketsConclusion: No one knows anything, ever. 
  12. Free Cash Can’t Even Distract Us From Our PhonesA new study highlights the things our cell phones cause us to miss. 
  13. girl talk
    The Great Digital BFF RenaissanceGroup text messages are slumber parties for adults.
  14. modern afflictions
    Nomophobia, Fear of Losing Access to Mobile Phone54 percent report suffering from it.
  15. very minor traumas
    The Unique Terror of Hearing Your Phone Alarm As Someone Else’s RingtoneDiagnosing PASD, Phone Alarm Stress Disorder.
  16. sextiquette
    What Should You Do When a Cell Phone Rings During Sex?Plus videos of people using phones during sex.
  17. announcements
    The Cut Now Available for Your Mobile PleasureAddicted to our steady diet of fashion drama? Now your habit is all the more convenient!