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  1. cha-chung
    Get Alexa Chung’s Cat Eye in a BottleLike a genie, but better.
  2. hairy situations
    Five Unexpected Hair Lessons From Alexa Chung“Different hair lengths affect the way you dance.”
  3. cha-chung
    Alexa Chung Says ‘Creepy’ Men Made Her Strip“I’ve sort of blocked it out.”
  4. twitterversy
    Why Did Alexa Chung Delete Her ‘Sexy Karl Lagerfeld Dream’ Tweet?“I don’t want to talk about it.”
  5. cha-chung
    Alexa Chung Defends Her Weight on InstagramShe then made her account private.
  6. quotables
    Alexa Chung Thinks Trends Are ‘Bullsh-t’“I think people make them up.”
  7. cha-chung
    You Can Buy Alexa Chung’s Madewell Collection on Sale at the Soho StoreAt least one of the blouses has been marked down by $35.
  8. cha-chung
    Alexa Chung Admits to Having ‘It Girl Problems’One of them is that cute boys never approach her.
  9. cha-chung
    Alexa Chung for Madewell Hits eBayThose leopard fuzzy boots that were $350 on Madewell are now more than $500 on eBay.
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    Demand for Alexa Chung’s Madewell Line Crashed the Retail Site This MorningIt’s back up and running now.