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  1. thank you
    Zoë Kravitz Got Channing Tatum to Stop Wearing Crocs“I totally loved Crocs for a hot second, and in one hang she was like, you can’t ever do that again.”
  2. humblebrag
    Please Don’t Let This Be the End of Shirtless Channing TatumThe actor joked about wanting to be less naked in his movies.
  3. hot shot
    This Photo of Channing Tatum Has Stunned Me Into SilenceChanning Tatum … in an apron? And fairy wings? Reading … an empty book sleeve … to a pack of unicorns?
  4. dating apps
    Well, Well, Well, Channing Tatum Is Now on RayaHe becomes the latest celebrity to turn to the “exclusive,” members-only dating app in the wake of a breakup.
  5. celebrity breakups
    I Can’t Believe Channing Tatum and Jessie J Were Only Dating for a YearChanning Tatum and Jessie J have broken up after what feels like an eternity.
  6. inspiring
    I’m Deeply Inspired by Channing Tatum’s Reason for Leaving Social MediaI, too, have no good ideas anymore.
  7. l’amour
    Channing Tatum Is Now an Instagram PoetHis romantic DM to Jessie J is as confusing as it is beautiful.
  8. gossip
    Is Channing Tatum’s New Relationship More Serious Than We Thought?He was seen dancing to a wedding song with his girlfriend of nearly four months.
  9. you know what i heard
    Guess What: Jenna Dewan Has a Hot New Boyfriend, TooAnd more in this week’s celebrity gossip column.
  10. putt putt romance
    Channing Tatum Reportedly Took Singer Jessie J on a Mini-Golf DateSources say their relationship is “very new.”
  11. coping mechanisms
    Channing Tatum Has Turned to Sculpture in His DivorceJust like Brad Pitt.
  12. reactions
    People Are Devastated That Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Are Separating“Love doesn’t even exist anymore.”
  13. celebrity couples
    This Is How a Young Channing Tatum FlirtsAccording to an old audition tape for Step Up.
  14. halloween
    Channing Tatum Left the House Dressed Like the Unicorn He IsThe actor was spotted celebrating Halloween early.
  15. Channing Tatum Backs Out of Weinstein Company Project“The brave women who had the courage to stand up and speak their truth about Harvey Weinstein are true heroes to us.”
  16. nice things
    Watch Channing Tatum Break Into Dance in a Gas StationWherever Channing goes, dancing follows.
  17. 2017 baby
    Noted Gender Theorist Channing Tatum Writes Article About Women’s Empowerment“When more women start to truly feel this power in themselves, the world will become so magical, it makes my head hurt.”
  18. under the sea
    What Will Channing Tatum Look Like As a Merman?Spoiler alert.
  19. quadruple threats
    Channing Tatum Is Now a Student at Harvard Business SchoolLike many who came before him, he’s a scholar by day, stripper by night.
  20. nice hunks
    In Which Channing Tatum Gives Wife a PedicureWhat a guy.
  21. live magic
    Magic Mike Is Doing a Vegas Show — or, Basically, Live Hip-ThrustingDoin’ it live, starting March 2017.
  22. birthday boy
    Can You Guess How Old Channing Tatum Turned?You beautiful, simple man, you.
  23. why channing tatum did you do this
    Channing Tatum, WHYYYYY With Your Golden Globes Hair?Channing Tatum, my man — you’ve got bad hair tonight.
  24. look of the day
    Channing Tatum Attempted a Clever DisguiseDefinitely just a normal dad in overalls.
  25. false lists
    Channing Tatum Is Worth Every PennyAccording to Forbes, Channing Tatum is Hollywood’s seventh-most overpaid actor of 2015. This is false.
  26. party pics
    Channing Tatum and Nick Jonas Partied This WeekAlong with Anna Wintour, Diane Kruger, and Tyson Beckford.
  27. body count
    A Definitive Scorecard for All the Dances in Magic Mike XXLThe good, the bad, the painfully sexy.
  28. party pics
    Lindsay Lohan Partied With Jeremy Scott This WeekPlus: Lady Gaga, Lindsey Wixson, and more at this week’s parties. 
  29. famous babies
    How Will Channing Tatum Explain Magic Mike to His Daughter?“I’m setting aside money for college and therapy.”
  30. what would diane keaton do
    Diane Keaton Continues Thirsting for Channing TatumWe love that she loves him.
  31. dong watch
    Is Gilbert Really a Good Name for a Penis? Channing Tatum, let’s talk about this.
  32. wellness theories
    Rob Lowe on Dadbod, Wellness, and So Much Coffee“I think it’s time to start objectifying men. I think it’s time.”
  33. what would diane keaton do
    Channing Tatum Could Be Diane Keaton’s Trophy HusbandIf only he weren’t already married.
  34. male grooming
    Channing Tatum Understands, Loathes the Vicious Cycle of Waxing“And then I went again, and it sucked just as bad.”
  35. marriage
    Here’s a GIF of Channing Tatum Blowing on His Wife’s FaceJenna Dewan’s personal fan. 
  36. boner jamz
    Are These the Songs Channing Tatum Has Sex To? A baby-making soundtrack, for Channing, by Channing.
  37. correspondence
    The Channing Tatum Email Style GuideCAPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSS.
  38. bros getting pedis
    Channing Tatum, in Distress, Gets a PedicureBuff toes. 
  39. rethink your side hustle
    Channing Tatum Made $70 a Night StrippingMagic Mike made it seem so lucrative.
  40. faces on clothes
    You’ll Look Good in Channing Tatum LeggingsTight!
  41. fapstronaut channing tatum
    Channing Tatum Learned What Fappy Meant and Painted It on His PotteryAnd painted it on some pottery. 
  42. fapstronaut channing tatum
    Channing Tatum, Innocent Songbird, Doesn’t Know What Fap MeansTatum got inducted into the pen-15 club.
  43. man crushes
    40 Men That Men Find BeautifulNot who you’d expect.
  44. quotables
    Channing Tatum Experienced ‘Crying Fits’ While His Wife Was Giving BirthHe was just so amazed at the human birth process.
  45. oscars 2013
    Male Gaze, Oscars Edition: Nine Sexy Men in TuxesAnd one kilt.
  46. back to fug
    Red-Carpet Report Card: Summer BlockbustersEmma Stone gets a B+, Scarlett gets an F.
  47. loose threads
    Lots of Channing Tatum; Court Reporter’s PantsAlso, Miranda Kerr doesn’t like it when Orlando Bloom watches her model.
  48. quotables
    Channing Tatum: ‘Sometimes a Thong Completely Betrays You’“It’s only weird if you make it weird.”
  49. quotable
    Matt Bomer Discusses Waxing for Magic MikeApparently it was a team-bonding thing.