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  1. ???
    I Think We Must Admit That Timothée and Kylie Are DatingTheir butt-grabbing debut was shortly followed by two cuddly appearances in New York.
  2. concerts
    Some Rules for Summer ConcertgoingBetween fans throwing phones and ashes, multiple celebs have become the target of an inexplicable bloodlust.
  3. concerts
    Don’t Even Think About Throwing Your Phone at AdeleShe’ll kill you!
  4. freedom
    Celebrities Love Losing Their Blue ChecksFinally, they are freed from the shackles of Twitter verification.
  5. chaos
    Are You Really Surprised EmRata and Harry Styles Are Kissing?Just another round of celebrity-hookup Mad Libs.
  6. travel
    What to Know About the FAA OutageA system failure meant thousands of flights across the country were delayed Wednesday morning.
  7. chaos
    Swifties Are Getting a Second Chance At Eras Tour TicketsBut not all Taylor Swift fans are eligible.
  8. chaos
    Elon Musk’s Bedside Table Is Even More Terrifying Than You’d ExpectWhich is more concerning: the multiple guns or the cans of caffeine-free Coke?
  9. bruised coccyx
    I Wish I Could Unhear These Machine Gun Kelly InjuriesBruised … coccyx … beer pong … Post Malone??
  10. ‘reality’
    Would You Fall Through a Trap Door for Love?The latest deranged reality dating show concept.
  11. burn baby burn
    The Vagina Candle Continues to Sow DiscordAnother customer is claiming that Gwyneth Paltrow’s novelty candle exploded in his home.
  12. chaos
    YouTuber Psychodrama Reaches Dark New DepthsLogan Paul has now released a vlog called “Dating My Brother’s Ex-Wife…”