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  1. lawsuits
    New Lawsuit Alleges Charlie Sheen Exposed Ex to HIVSheen wasn’t named in the lawsuit, but the details point to him.
  2. public health
    More Evidence That Charlie Sheen’s 2015 HIV Announcement Saved LivesA new study looks at the sales of an at-home HIV-testing kit and finds some very encouraging results.
  3. Charlie Sheen
    Charlie Sheen May Have Accidentally Saved Some Lives With His HIV AnnouncementA group of researchers argue that coverage of Sheen’s diagnosis led to a historic Google spike in searches for important HIV information.
  4. general misinformation
    Jenny McCarthy Is Now Fearmongering About HIVThe noted anti-vaxxer feels it’s “scary” that she kissed Charlie Sheen on TV.
  5. changing tides
    The Real Risks of Sex With Someone Who Has HIVDid Charlie Sheen put his partners in danger?
  6. hiv
    What Does It Mean to Have ‘Undetectable’ HIV?In light of Charlie Sheen’s announcement. 
  7. psychiatry 2.0
    Can You Diagnose a Manic Episode on Twitter?Maybe, say prominent psychiatrists.
  8. victimology
    Can You Bully a Celebrity?Jada Pinkett Smith and the New York Times think so.
  9. rumors
    Lohan Hanging Out With Sheen Again?Not again.
  10. rock bottom
    Lindsay’s Choice: Sheen Can’t Save Her, So Who?Sheen wants to save Lohan. She doesn’t want his help.
  11. la vida lohan
    Lindsay Lohan Gave Her Borrowed Gown an Impromptu Mullet HemOr rather, a bouncer hacked her skirt off.
  12. beauty marks
    Burger King Dabbles in Makeup Artistry; Reggie Bush to Shill Skin CarePlus, Butter London made a nail polish in honor of Queen Elizabeth.