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    Hailee Steinfeld Avoids Your Weird Foot CommentsShe’s all about those REEF flip-flops.
  2. women in hollywood
    Ryan Murphy Wants to Solve Hollywood’s Gender ProblemThe Half Foundation is dedicated to diversity behind the scenes of his projects.
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    Kristen Schaal Knows Why You Have Crushes on All Her Co-StarsBecause they’re funny, duh.
  4. chat room
    What Does Viggo Mortensen Smell Like? An InvestigationCalling Diptyque.
  5. chat room
    Alia Shawkat Takes Resistance to the Red CarpetOn androgyny, fashion as high art, and the magic of the Women’s March.
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    No One Even Noticed Isla Fisher Used Amy Adams’s Face on Her Holiday CardsLuckily, Amy Adams thought it was hilarious.
  7. the dedicated
    Meet 52 Ways to Break Up Creator Megan Rosati “In order to feel really sad about something, at one point you had to feel something pretty beautiful.”