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  1. Netflix Adultery Afflicts Half of Relationships, Says NetflixMen cheat more than women do.
  2. small betrayals
    Netflix Adultery: The Smallest, Most Insidious BetrayalI watched ahead on House of Cards, then fell into a web of lies.
  3. both sides of a love story
    True Stories: She’s Marrying Her Sorority Sister“I know, it’s the stuff wet dreams are made of.”
  4. general disgrace
    Four Generals, Four Scandals, and a Sprawling Rape CaseHow the Petraeus affair helps a general accused of rape.
  5. both sides of a breakup
    Both Sides of a Breakup: The Stray Condom MysteryGaby couldn’t be faithful. Josh didn’t care. Here’s how each remembers the breakup.