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  1. protests
    49ers Cheerleader Becomes First to Take a Knee During National AnthemThis seems to be the first time an NFL cheerleader has joined the protest against police brutality.
  2. This Kansas University Cheerleader Was Suspended Over ‘KKK’ SnapchatThe Snapchat read “KKK go Trump.”
  3. horrible things
    Cheerleader Charged With Helping Her Boyfriend Murder a Homeless ManShe watched as he and his brother beat the man to death.
  4. i’ll cry if i want to
    This Cheerleader Is Both Inspiring and SadHey girl, it’s okay to cry.
  5. deep dives
    The Mysteries of Cheerleader InstagramThere is Good Instagram and Great Instagram; this is Great.
  6. three cheers for equality
    New York Jets Cheerleaders Win $324,000 Settlement Over Unpaid WorkThe class-action suit is just one filed against NFL teams for not appropriately compensating cheerleaders.
  7. three cheers for equality
    Lawmakers Trying to Get Cheerleaders Paid Minimum WageA California assemblywoman (and former cheerleader) introduced a bill for fair pay.
  8. cultural histories
    Subversive, Sexy, and Demented: A Visual History of Cheerleaders in MoviesSatanic cults, thinly veiled pornos, and ninjas.
  9. sports sports sports
    Do We Even Need NFL Cheerleaders?They say we need a revolution. But do we?
  10. look of the day
    Solange Looked Like a Retro CheerleaderSporty and bright yellow.
  11. love and basketball
    Brooklynettes Promise to Be Fascinating, BouncyThe six-member cheer team for the Brooklyn Nets wears little, dances a lot.
  12. olympic fever
    Olympic Cheerleaders, Their Outfits, and Their Well-Documented ButtsUnderstanding cheer at the 2012 Games.