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  1. nfl
    NFL Cheerleaders Say They Were Required to Pose Topless, Serve as EscortsFormer cheerleaders for the Washington Redskins said they felt the team was “pimping” them out during a trip to Costa Rica in 2013.
  2. booleading
    No Sweatpants in Public, and Other Harsh Rules for NFL CheerleadersA new report details what can get cheerleaders fired.
  3. activism
    The Cheerleader Behind the Viral #TakeAKnee PhotoWhen Raianna Brown tweeted a photo of herself kneeling during a Georgia Tech football game, she never expected to get the reaction it did.
  4. crime
    Video of a Cheerleader Forced to Do a Split Leads to a Police InvestigationThe video shows a 13-year-old girl allegedly being forced into a splits position while screaming in pain.
  5. Black Cheerleader at Georgia College Says Fan Threw Bottle, Shouted Racial SlursShe posted on Facebook in response to the alleged racism.
  6. major don't
    Body-Shaming Cheer Squad Poster Causes OutrageRequirements include: bronze, beachy glow, false lashes, and minimal clothing.
  7. deep dives
    The Mysteries of Cheerleader InstagramThere is Good Instagram and Great Instagram; this is Great.
  8. football season
    Cheerleading Is the Most Dangerous Girls’ SportAnd, yes, it’s a sport.