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Chelsea Manning

  1. breakups
    Grimes and Chelsea Manning Are Reportedly OverA source told “Page Six” they “had been breaking up for a while.”
  2. surprise!
    And Now, Grimes Is Reportedly Dating Chelsea ManningIt’s been a busy week.
  3. power
    Chelsea Manning to Be Released From Jail After Suicide Attempt“Ms. Manning’s appearance before the grand jury is no longer needed. Her detention no longer serves any coercive purpose.”
  4. power
    Chelsea Manning Files to Run for U.S. Senate in MarylandPer federal election filings.
  5. power
    Chelsea Manning Was Reportedly Barred From Entering CanadaThe Canadian government allegedly cited her prior convictions under the U.S. Espionage Act.
  6. personal essays
    Chelsea Manning Addresses ‘Locker Room Talk’ in the MilitaryShe penned an essay for Yahoo Beauty.
  7. fashions
    Chelsea Manning Gets the Vogue Treatment“Guess this is what freedom looks like.”
  8. lgbtq rights
    Chelsea Manning Tore Apart Donald Trump’s Ban on Transgender Soldiers“We are neither disruptive nor expensive. We are human beings, and we will not be erased or ignored.”
  9. lgbtq rights
    Chelsea Manning Says Hormone Therapy Was ‘Literally What Kept Me Alive’In her first TV interview, Chelsea Manning talked about receiving hormone therapy in prison and what drove her to release classified documents.
  10. wikileaks
    Sweden Drops Rape Investigation of Julian AssangeThe WikiLeaks founder’s lawyer called it “a total victory.”
  11. Here’s the First Portrait of Chelsea Manning Since Leaving Military PrisonShe posted the picture on social media.
  12. political fashion
    Chelsea Manning to Reportedly Appear in an Upcoming Vogue ShootA Vogue spokesperson told us “we don’t comment on rumors of future editorial.”
  13. Chelsea Manning Released From Prison After 7 YearsShe celebrated her first steps on Instagram.
  14. interview
    Q&A: Her Brother Changed Genders — at Age 59At first, author Molly Haskell wasn’t convinced she wanted a new sister. 
  15. what’s in a name?
    Why Is It So Hard to Call Chelsea Manning ‘She’?On names, language, and reinvention.