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  1. weekend plans
    Well, Look Who’s Shopping for Toilet PaperChanning Tatum and Zoë Kravitz were spotted procuring supplies for the weekend.
  2. sorry
    Please Don’t Kiss the Chickens!The CDC is begging you.
  3. animals
    It’s Happening. The Chickens Are Fighting Back.Chickens at a farming school in France killed a fox who entered their henhouse. Are we next?
  4. fowl play
    Dude Beheads a Woman’s Chickens Because She Unfriended Him on FacebookBut, ya know, women are the crazy emotional ones!
  5. farm fresh
    17 Celebrities Who Raise ChickensCooped up. 
  6. witches
    Witch Accusations Are a Real Problem in GhanaA reminder that women accused of witchcraft in Ghana are sent to scary camps for witches.