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Child Care

  1. power
    The Latest COVID Relief Package Is a Huge Help for ParentsThe American Rescue Plan reconfigures the child tax credit in a way some expect could halve child poverty in the U.S.
  2. power
    The Paid Leave Trump Doesn’t Want You to Know AboutThe government has done little to publicize a benefit that could help many overburdened parents — and it’s about to expire.
  3. coronavirus
    New York Hospitals Will Not Ban Partners During Childbirth“Women will not be forced to be alone when they are giving birth. Not in New York. Not now, not ever.”
  4. so you want to be president
    Thinking About Kids? Here’s How the Candidates’ Child-Care Plans CompareChild care is expensive. Democrats don’t all agree on how to fix that.
  5. 2020 elections
    Are Any of the Paid Family Leave Plans Actually Any Good?A guide to the FAMILY Act, New Parents Act, and Cradle Act.
  6. lawsuits
    Manhattan Mom Sues Nanny for Feeding Her Baby FormulaLynn Wojton says she is “very upset” her doula didn’t wake her up to breastfeed.
  7. parenting
    Everything to Know About Elizabeth Warren’s Universal Child-Care PlanThe plan would be funded by an “ultra-millionaire tax.”
  8. parenting
    The Wing Will Soon Offer Short-Term Child CareThe women’s-only co-working space is expanding to babysitting services and children’s classes this winter.
  9. as told to
    What It’s Like to Be a Baby Nurse for Wealthy Manhattan Families“Where I come from in the Caribbean they do think it is a bit strange that these white people in New York City can’t take care of their own babies.”
  10. paid leave
    Democrats Are About to One-Up Ivanka Trump on Child CareThey’re introducing a child-care bill that’s more comprehensive than Ivanka’s.
  11. parenthood
    What Do Working Families Need Even More Than Paid Leave?It starts with a “c” and ends with “care,” according to the New York Times.
  12. What I Remember About the Moms Who Paid Me to BabysitLooking back, now that I’m a mom.
  13. Ivanka Trump’s Paid Leave Reportedly Includes Dads NowIt looks like the plan was revised after facing criticism.
  14. Urban Outfitters Employees Say the Company Is Making It Harder to See Their KidsReportedly, the company’s headquarters will end flexible scheduling.
  15. motherhood
    Single Moms Shouldn’t Have to Choose Between Child Care and Getting an EducationIt’s time to stop treating school like a luxury.
  16. politics
    Ivanka Trump Is Reportedly Already Pushing for Child-Care LegislationAccording to a source on Donald Trump’s transition team.
  17. mariah’s world
    Mariah Carey Explains Why She Can’t Give Up the Bad Side of Her FaceIt was originally caused by bad lighting and makeup.
  18. childcare
    This Is the Only U.S. State Where Child Care Is Actually AffordableAmerican families regularly spend more than 7 percent of their income on child care.
  19. childcare
    YMCA Offering Free Child Care in Some Locations for Election DayThe two-hour drop-off service will be available for kids from age 2 to 12.
  20. motherhood
    Child Care Is Really Freakin’ Expensive and This Study Proves ItA new report finds that child care is expensive and sometimes hard to find.
  21. nannies
    Why Doesn’t Keeping Up With the Kardashians Show the Nannies?In a show full of candor, the kids’ child care is invisible
  22. this guy
    The Child-care Services Trump Says He Provides His Workers Don’t ExistThey’re programs for his hotel guests, not his employees.
  23. the state of women is meh
    Obama’s Legacy for Women Shows a Feminist President Is Not EnoughHis speech last week bore a striking resemblance to the promises he made to women on the campaign trail eight years earlier.
  24. child care
    Hillary Clinton’s Child-Care Plan Would Be MonumentalFor now, it’s just talk, but that’s a start.
  25. women at work
    Women Built a Career Site to Combat the Motherhood PenaltyAnd other things men hold against women in the workplace.
  26. motherhood
    Once I Was a Nanny — Now I’m Just Another Anxious Mom.Even though I want to be the cool mom, the one who gets it.
  27. advice
    Ask Polly: Should I Have a Baby or Establish My Career First?Choose both. Choose the career AND choose the baby.
  28. motherhood
    Can We Solve Our Child-Care Problem?The State of the Union is just the start.