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Child Development

  1. ¡hola papi!
    ‘How Do I Stop Feeling Angry at My Parents?’I’m not going to ask you to forgive anybody, but I do think some grace would serve you well.
  2. parenting
    The Children of QuarantineWhat does a year of isolation and anxiety do to a developing brain?
  3. family separation policy
    Even If Families Are Reunited, They Face a New Kind of TraumaThe lasting mental-health effects of the family-separation policy.
  4. family separation policy
    The Lasting Damage of Depriving a Child of Human TouchAt detention centers along the border, workers are forbidden from hugging or physically soothing traumatized children.
  5. What Makes Kids Stop Believing in Santa?It’s more complicated than just growing up.
  6. lego
    Lego Is the Perfect ToyEven if no one can really agree on what kind of toy it is anymore.
  7. How Little Kids Decide What ‘Normal’ MeansToddlers are “promiscuous normativists.”
  8. 5 Big Ways Kindergarten Has Changed Since the 1990sLess play. More math.
  9. Maybe Grounding Your Teenager Isn’t the Best Way to Make a PointA new study suggests teens learn from reward, but not from punishment.
  10. Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of TimeKids at this developmental stage find little benefit — or enjoyment — in constructing Thanksgiving hand-turkeys or cotton-ball snowmen.
  11. child development
    How Would the Ordeal in Room Affect a Kid in Real Life?It turns out kids are more adaptable than one might think.
  12. child development
    Parents May Soon Have Brain-Boosting Baby ToysVideo from a new study shows how it will work.
  13. When Do Kids Realize They’re Going to Grow Up?Because this little girl really doesn’t want her brother to get older.
  14. Babies’ Brains ‘Rehearse’ Speech Months Before They TalkAs revealed by an adorable baby-brain scanner.