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Child Psychology

  1. Why Typical Preschool Crafts Are a Total Waste of TimeKids at this developmental stage find little benefit — or enjoyment — in constructing Thanksgiving hand-turkeys or cotton-ball snowmen.
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    One Reason the ‘Learning Styles’ Myth PersistsEven educators making good-faith efforts to get to the truth have to deal with a wave of online misinformation.
  3. parenting
    Giving Toddlers Autonomy May Help Their Brains DevelopDon’t over-help!
  4. child psychology
    Half of American Kids Have Traumatic ChildhoodsBut resilient kids are able to withstand the most negative outcomes. 
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    Being Bullied Leaves an Imprint on Kids’ BrainsYet another sign of bullying’s lasting impact.
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    Kids With Young Moms Do Worse in SchoolThey’re at a significant disadvantage.
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    Emotional Abuse Can Be As Damaging As Sexual AbuseBut it’s often harder to detect.
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    Watch Scientists Confuse an Adorable ToddlerJust let him have the necklace!
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    Stop Ruining Your Kids’ Playtime, Parents!Sometimes a playground should just be a playground.