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  1. parenting
    How to Survive the ‘Fourth Trimester’The weeks that follow birth are more brutal than you could ever imagine — especially if you don’t know what to expect.
  2. first person
    The Surprising Comforts of Dead RingersThe rebooted psychosexual thriller helped me process my fertility and pregnancy experience.
  3. parenthood
    Mindy Kaling Does Not Care Who You Think Her Kids’ Father IsApparently, speculation that it’s B.J. Novak doesn’t bother her.
  4. pregnancy
    The Surrogacy StateThree women on carrying pregnancies after New York legalized paid surrogacy last year.
  5. childbirth
    My C-section Was Fine, ActuallyI came away feeling cheated not because I’d had one but because I’d been made to feel so bad about it.
  6. dubious
    Who Would Want to Give Birth Once a Week?Gal Gadot, apparently.
  7. childbirth
    Gwyneth Paltrow Says She ‘Almost Died’ Giving Birth to Her DaughterIn a new podcast episode, she revealed that she had an emergency C-section for her daughter, Apple.
  8. squish
    Does This Man Know How Childbirth Works?Justin Bieber wants to “squish out a nugget” with Hailey.
  9. childbirth
    Black Newborns Are 3 Times More Likely to Die When Treated by White DoctorsNew research exposes the harrowing racial disparities in childbirth and postnatal care.
  10. maternal health
    Watching a Livestreamed Home Birth Was Incredibly MovingI didn’t expect it to be so powerful.
  11. no expectations
    ‘I’m 8 Months Pregnant and My Husband Tested Positive’“If we’re both presumed to have it, who’s going to care for the baby?”
  12. no expectations
    I Met My Baby Over FaceTime“I could see the baby a little, and then it was time for them to take him away to do the measuring.”
  13. no expectations
    They Said She Wouldn’t Give Birth Alone“It’s been hard for me to come to terms with the fact that the ban really only was in place for a number of days.”
  14. coronavirus
    New York Hospitals Will Not Ban Partners During Childbirth“Women will not be forced to be alone when they are giving birth. Not in New York. Not now, not ever.”
  15. q&a
    Midwives Are Swamped With Home-Birth RequestsBut making a last-minute switch probably isn’t a good idea.
  16. lawsuits
    NYPD Accused of Forcing Woman to Give Birth While Chained to Bed“Shortly after she gave birth, NYPD officers again shackled her… Ms. Doe struggled to feed her new baby with one arm.”
  17. celebrity
    Travis Scott Terrified by Rumors of Kylie Jenner’s Placenta“There’s this thing called the placenta, that I’ve just been hearing about?”
  18. placenta smoothie
    Hilary Duff Says Her Placenta Smoothie Was ‘Delightful’She also has some placenta ice cubes, for future smoothies.
  19. talking to
    6 Women on Their Vaginas After Childbirth“I swear I could hear myself tearing during delivery.”
  20. biking to birth
    New Zealand’s Minister for Women Biked Herself to the Hospital to Give Birth“Beautiful Sunday morning for a bike ride, to the hospital, for an induction to finally have this baby.”
  21. motherhood
    Not All Women Are Waiting Until Their Late 20s to Become MothersA new report shows how much education and geography influence the average age of first-time mothers.
  22. september issues
    Beyoncé Opens Up About Her Difficult Pregnancy and Emergency C-Section“My health and my babies’ health were in danger.”
  23. father’s day
    I Had No Idea What Fatherhood Was Going to be LikeWhat was it about the baby that was so time-consuming, so life-consuming?
  24. maternal mortality
    Black Women Are 3 Times More Likely to Die From ChildbirthA new report highlights the chilling racial disparities in maternal health.
  25. women’s health
    The First Baby in the U.S. Has Been Born Through This Groundbreaking ProcedureThe procedure offers hope for women with certain health conditions.
  26. childbirth
    Inside One of the Busiest Maternity Wards in the WorldMotherland is an intimate documentary about a bustling hospital.
  27. hurricane irma
    Miami Woman Delivers Her Own Baby During Hurricane IrmaThe dangerous winds prevented rescue crews from getting to her.
  28. This Doctor Was About to Give Birth When She Helped Deliver Another Woman’s BabyDr. Amanda Hess was about to give birth when she heard a patient in distress nearby.
  29. how i got this baby
    The Mom Who Toured the NICU While Still PregnantThis week’s How I Got This Baby.
  30. bearing children
    The Woman Trying to Find Out Why So Many Americans Still Die in ChildbirthNina Martin, along with her colleagues at ProPublica and NPR, is telling the human stories behind the numbers.
  31. sex lives podcast
    Is It Okay to Take an Uber While Giving Birth?One woman’s harrowing story.
  32. playing god
    Here’s Why C-sections Could Be Changing the Course of EvolutionBefore C-sections, women with narrow pelvises wouldn’t have had babies.
  33. cut cover story
    Confessions of a Radical DoulaWhy is the delivery room the one place where a woman doesn’t have control over what happens to her body?
  34. underpinnings
    The Secret, Magical Underwear That Only Moms Know AboutThank you, mesh postpartum underwear, for bringing us all together.
  35. babies
    You Probably Won’t Have an Oversize BabySo think twice about that planned C-section.
  36. it’s uterus not uter-you
    We Are Pregnant!Strangely, only one of us started to vomit every morning.
  37. pain
    What Do Contractions Feel Like? 18 Women RespondOne of the worst parts of childbirth is not knowing what it will feel like, especially contractions. Here, 18 women share their experiences.
  38. pain
    An Important New Insight Into How Women Remember ChildbirthA couple of brief moments of intense pain can trump an otherwise “easy” birth.
  39. ovaries week
    What It Felt Like to Get an Epidural After 32 Hours of LaborI thought I didn’t want one, but I changed my mind.
  40. first person
    No Matter How Much I Prepare, I Am Terrified to Give BirthAnd no stupid birthing-class exercise is going to change that.
  41. childbirth
    There Is No Right Way to Have a BabyWhat the new book Labor Day gets wrong.
  42. rivalries
    Study: Call the Midwife, Not the DoctorIt’s pitocin vs. patchouli in a baby-delivery derby. 
  43. pregnant princesses!!
    Kate Middleton Is in Labor, Palace Confirms [Updated]Brace yourselves for the U.K.’s adorable future monarch.
  44. pregnant princesses!!
    BREAKING: Kate Middleton Not Actually in Labor Yet [Updated]False alarm.
  45. labor pains
    Zimbabwe Hospital Charges New Moms by the ScreamGiving birth there is an even bigger ripoff than in the U.S.
  46. babies r us
    Having a Baby in America Is a ‘Unique’ Rip-OffAverages $9,800 per baby, compared to $2,600 in Britain.
  47. fear of childbirth
    Kanye Too ‘Squeamish’ to Watch Kim Give Birth — Is That Weird?A brief history of dads who can’t stomach the delivery room.
  48. first daughters
    Jenna Bush’s Childbirth Was Just Like a Rom-ComHer water broke at her baby shower.
  49. procreation
    Study: Childbirth Also Traumatic for Men“I didn’t know what the placenta was.”
  50. decadent procreation
    Childbirth Getting More ComplicatedBring in the robots. 
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