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  1. culture
    I Love My Silly Little Fairy ShowAn ode to Fate: The Winx Saga, the best live-action remake out there.
  2. bffs
    Can a Childhood Friendship Really Last a Lifetime?In Best of Friends, novelist Kamila Shamsie attempts to find out.
  3. brooding
    Sleepover Kits Are About Making Content, Not Playing PretendKids don’t need to glamp.
  4. ¡hola papi!
    ‘How Do I Stop Feeling Angry at My Parents?’I’m not going to ask you to forgive anybody, but I do think some grace would serve you well.
  5. childhood
    The Only Caterpillar I KnewGenerations have fallen in love with Eric Carle’s Hungry Caterpillar and his voracious appetite.
  6. the cut podcast
    Your Friendly Black SidekickTypecasting young Black girls as the supportive best friend, on this week’s episode of The Cut.
  7. childhood
    Plumbing the Depths of Kim Kardashian West’s PsycheWho needs psychoanalysis when you can painstakingly re-create every last detail of your childhood home on the occasion of your mom’s birthday?
  8. science of us
    I’m Only Slightly Embarrassed That I Still Sleep With a BlankieLike a stress ball or doodle pen, my blankie allows me to tangibly work through the knot of anxieties in my head.
  9. science of us
    8 Women on Their Earliest (and Possibly Made Up) MemoriesNearly half of people say the first thing they remember happened at an age that’s impossible for adults to recall.
  10. offspring
    Why Did We Ever Leave Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood?A new documentary offers a chance to reconsider Rogers’s mission and examine why his message is still so hard for adults to hear.
  11. motherhood
    My Daughter’s Suburban Childhood Looks Nothing Like My Urban OneWe are so different already, my daughter and I.
  12. kids these days
    This 4-Year-Old Has Read More Books Than YouDailyah Marie Arana has read more than 1,000 books.
  13. motherhood
    I Wish I’d Pierced My Daughter’s Ears When She Was a BabyBut now it’s too late.
  14. Why Italians, Maori, and Children of Divorce Have the Least Childhood AmnesiaIt’s about growing up in a narrative-rich home.
  15. How Imaginary Friends Help Kids Grow UpThe emotional and cognitive benefits of make-believe pals.
  16. bullying
    Why Bullying Is a Serious Public-Health ProblemAnd why no one quite knows how to fix it.
  17. Why Do Kids Stick Out Their Tongues When They’re Concentrating?Science investigates.
  18. child psychology
    Half of American Kids Have Traumatic ChildhoodsBut resilient kids are able to withstand the most negative outcomes. 
  19. Are Smart Kids Better at Drawing?What childhood art reveals about the child.
  20. parenting
    Putting a Price Tag on an American Childhood: $245,340New government figures confirm: Kids are expensive.
  21. The Perils of Being a Cool KidCool study reveals that cool kids grow less cool as time takes its uncool toll.
  22. Stop Sorta-Lying to Your Kids: They’re Onto YouChildren can sniff out your half-truths.
  23. quotable
    Jason Wu Had 150 Dolls, Hoarded Barbies“I used them for hairstyling.”
  24. true stories
    I Was a Child Pageant Star: Six Adult Women Look BackWhat really happens when Honey Boo Boo grows up.
  25. first person
    The Childhood Molestation I Don’t RememberIf I’d never found out, would I still be traumatized?
  26. lies we’ve told
    On Throwing Away the Lunches My Mother PackedThe lie I told my mother, the food tyrant, every day for years.