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  1. tech
    Unpacking the Recent Flood of TikTok BansThe app’s murky connection to China has alarmed a lot of politicians — and now the White House.
  2. political statements
    A ‘Political Coming-Out’ for Chinese Feminist ComicsTheir stage is a safe space for ideas that are taboo back home.
  3. store openings
    Is ‘Social Retail’ the Future of Shopping?Burberry’s new store in Shenzhen integrates social media in a way that goes far beyond the average dressing-room selfie.
  4. health
    And Now, a Confirmed Case of Bubonic PlagueAccording to Chinese officials, a herdsman in Inner Mongolia has contracted the disease.
  5. coronavirus
    America Should Brace for Coronavirus Outbreak, CDC Says“We are asking the American public to prepare for the expectation that this might be bad.”
  6. coronavirus
    Everything We Know About the Coronavirus EpidemicThe death toll has passed 2,000, and there are about 75,000 reported cases worldwide.
  7. controversy
    What to Know About Dolce & Gabbana’s Canceled Shanghai ShowA racist ad and bizarre messages sent from Stefano Gabbana’s Instagram account led to the cancellation of the largest show in the brand’s history.
  8. mysteries
    Fan Bingbing Spotted After Months-Long DisappearanceIn dark glasses and a baseball cap at the Beijing airport.
  9. mia
    We Might Know Where Fan Bingbing IsA new report alleges that the actress, who recently admitted to tax evasion, was just released from government surveillance at a “holiday resort.”
  10. hot shot
    Here’s Melania Trump Walking Stoically Along the Great Wall of ChinaThe First Lady looked deep in existential thought in China.
  11. parenthood
    What I’ve Learned From Parenting AbroadFor most lessons, the best teacher turns out to be my son.
  12. politics
    The Activist Investigating Ivanka Trump’s Factory Speaks OutHua Haifeng was investigating factories where the First Daughter’s shoes were made before his arrest.
  13. politics
    China Frees Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump Shoe FactoryAs still more damning reports surface about conditions for workers there.
  14. politics
    Human-Trafficking Report Blacklists Country That Makes Ivanka Trump’s ClothesAlmost all Ivanka Trump–brand clothes and shoes are manufactured in China.
  15. politics
    U.S. Urges China to Release Activists Investigating Ivanka Trump Shoe CompanyThey were preparing to release a damning report about the factories where some of Ivanka Trump’s shoes are made.
  16. politics
    Ivanka Trump’s Company Filed for Even More Chinese TrademarksThe filings came a day before she was named a White House adviser.
  17. politics
    Chinese Factory That Makes Ivanka’s Shoes Is Seeking Out Even Cheaper LaborChinese workers are becoming demanding, so the factory is opening outposts in Ethiopia.
  18. A Boy Band Made Up of 5 Girls Is Challenging Gender Roles in China▶️ They just teased their first single and music video.
  19. politics
    Ivanka Cleared for Chinese Trademarks Before Dining With Chinese PresidentSketch.
  20. politics
    Young Women in China Are Obsessed With Ivanka Trump“She represents what we’re looking for — to marry into a decent family, to look good, and to have your own career.”
  21. politics
    This Company Is Trying to Sell Ivanka Trump–Branded Sanitary PadsThe company’s founder called her a “role model.”
  22. Feminist Group Suspended From China’s Twitter for Posting About Women’s StrikeThey shared a link about the upcoming Women’s Strike in the U.S.
  23. The World Pageant Is Apparently Not Allowing a Contestant to Criticize ChinaCanadian beauty queen Anastasia Lin has publicly criticized China’s human-rights record, but has not been allowed to speak on the matter in the U.S.
  24. 2016 olympics
    The 7 Emotional Stages of the Olympics, As Told by Chinese Swimmer Fu YuanhuiHer face does not lie.
  25. crime
    A Horrifying Story of California Parachute KidsThese teenagers lived without their parents.
  26. horrible things
    Women in China Use Nude Photos to Secure LoansThis practice has reportedly led to blackmailing.
  27. all the single ladies
    This Video Challenges the Stigma of ‘Leftover’ Single Chinese WomenThey’re not “leftovers.”
  28. in celebration
    China’s First Supermodel on Changing Standards of Beauty“I like being natural, but natural is not really natural.”
  29. unsolicited advice
    Ladies, Always Be Careful When Interrupting Sex to Online ShopOr you could break your husband’s penis.
  30. real talk
    Despite Lifting of Ban, Many Young Chinese Women Still Only Want One ChildThe “one child” era is over, but having a second child is a luxury many cannot afford.
  31. calendar girls
    The Angelina Jolie of China on Fame and PowerA rare interview with activist actress Yao Chen. 
  32. oh china!
    Exclusive: Chinese Couture Designer Guo Pei Releases M.A.C CollaborationGuo Pei talks about her 50,000-hour dress and the color of the universe. 
  33. milestones
    Farewell, Funeral Strippers, We Hardly Knew YeFunerals in China will be less festive.
  34. protests
    Feminist Activism Lands 5 Chinese Women in JailSupporters are rallying to their cause.
  35. butts butts butts
    Confirmed: Peaches Look Like ButtsEspecially when dressed in tiny lingerie. 
  36. Happy Singles’ Day, China’s Genius HolidayDoughnuts, online shopping, fake boyfriends.
  37. weird beauty
    Cockroaches, Now in Your Beauty ProductsFile under: Things We Wish We Didn’t Know.
  38. sexy etsy
    Meet the Artisans Selling Handmade Sex Toys on EtsyThe growing market of glass-blown butt plugs, ceramic dildos, and other handcrafted pleasures.
  39. matchmakers
    Chinese Men Pay $15,000 to Play The BachelorWill you accept this rose?
  40. real estate advice
    Adultery Responsible for Beijing’s GentrificationBecause so many mistresses need homes in Beijing.
  41. language
    China’s Female Intellectuals Are Called ‘Mister’Xiansheng is used for brilliant women and any old dude. 
  42. other first ladies
    ‘Michelle Obama of China’ Will Not Meet Michelle ObamaChina’s opera-singing First Lady is in California right now.
  43. backlashes
    Vera Wang Gets Rid of Her Try-On Fees in ChinaBrides-to-be can now try on dresses for free.
  44. other first ladies
    Meet China’s Campy, Trendy, Opera-Singing First LadyWatch her sing communist propaganda.
  45. male gaze
    Male Gaze: David Beckham Lifted His Shirt to Show InkNo pain, no glory.
  46. knockoffs
    Vera Wang Now Charges $482 Try-on Fees in ChinaIt buys you 90 minutes in a dressing room.
  47. fashion yearbook
    Alexa Chung, Jason Wu at the Museum of Chinese in America GalaPlus: Vera Wang, Lily Kwong, and B.D. Wong.
  48. knockoffs
    You Can Forget About Getting That Fake Birkin for ChristmasNo faux-Coach stocking stuffers either.
  49. Estée Lauder Has Been Keeping SecretsThere were code names and lots of paper shredding. 
  50. shopping
    Scenes From the Chinese Consumerist Revolution“Vanity is a necessity.”
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