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  1. nailed it
    Guess What Lizzo’s Manicure Smells LikeGuess!
  2. diversity
    Illinois Governor Drinks Chocolate Milk to Demonstrate Commitment to DiversityTime to take a big sip of milk and talk about inclusivity.
  3. pretty things
    This Pretty Box of Vienna Chocolates Is a Surefire Crowd-pleaserDesign maven Murray Moss on holiday nostalgia.
  4. actually good news
    Milk Chocolate May Soon Be As Healthy As Dark ChocolateThanks, science.
  5. headaches
    This Might Be Why Wine and Chocolate Give You MigrainesThanks, mouth bacteria.
  6. Have Scientists Finally Found a Way to Make Chocolate Better for You?Delicious, delicious science.
  7. wellness theories
    Sophie Tweed-Simmons on Being ‘Plus Size’ in Hollywood “I can’t make myself thinner or prettier, but I can walk into the room with more confidence and personality.”
  8. lunchtime beauty
    This Chocolate Is Actually Good for Your SkinMmmmm.
  9. wellness theories
    Jordana Brewster on Chocolate Pizza, ‘Uplifting Podcasts,’ and Being Well“Other things I like in L.A., especially since we’re always stuck in traffic a lot, are uplifting podcasts.”
  10. Chocolate Milk Is the Diet Secret of the U.S. Women’s Hockey TeamNo green juices here. 
  11. deceptive desserts
    Fun New Japanese Game Show: Candy or Not Candy? We have to know!
  12. chocolate advocacy
    Chocolate Heals Nigella Lawson’s WoundsCelebrity chefs stress-eat too.
  13. mmm chocolate
    Scientist Invents ‘Healthy’ Chocolate It contains seaweed instead of fat.
  14. watch
    Would a Solid Chocolate Louboutin Make It Better?Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. Aack.
  15. chocolate chocolate chocolate ack
    Crispello, Chocolate Bar for Women, to Save Candy IndustryIt’s irresistibly resealable. 
  16. loose threads
    Brad Goreski Clowns Around; Prada Designs Smoking ShoesPlus, Beyoncé’s latest cover, Cucinelli’s IPO, and more fashion news.
  17. wonderful news
    Vivienne Westwood Designed Some Easter EggsChic-olate.
  18. food
    This Year’s Chocolate Fashion Show Had a Broadway ThemeThe chocolate runway returneth.
  19. unnecessary things
    Here Is an Outfit Made of ChocolateModeled by former Miss France, Cindy Fabre.
  20. best bets
    Best Bet: Sugar FixInstead of gorging on calories, satisfy your sweet tooth in a fat-free way with this Chocoholicks quad lip-gloss set.