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  1. celebrity
    Don’t Boo Chris Brown Around Kelly RowlandRowland had some words for the audience at Sunday night’s American Music Awards.
  2. power
    Chris Brown Has Been Accused of Sexual Assault AgainA new lawsuit alleges he drugged and raped a woman in 2020.
  3. crime
    Chris Brown Is Planning to Sue His Rape Accuser for SlanderHis accuser told a French magazine that the attack was “brutal and violent,” and authorities say the investigation is still ongoing.
  4. love and war
    Drake Hung Out With Chris Brown at His New Year’s Eve PartyHe was spotted hanging out with Chris Brown at his New Year’s Eve party.
  5. crime
    Chris Brown Arrested for Felony AssaultHe was taken into custody the same night he was scheduled to play in Florida.
  6. crime
    Rapper Young Lo ‘Vehemently Denies’ Raping Woman at Chris Brown’s HouseAnd he accused attorney Gloria Allred of exploiting the woman for her “public persona.”
  7. power
    Snapchat’s Latest Blunder Is a Reminder to Never Mess with Rihanna“Shame on you,” Rihanna tweeted in response to the app’s offensive ad.
  8. hmm
    Why Is Kendall Jenner Singing About Her Vagina in This Video?She made her musical debut in a video with Chris Brown.
  9. snapchat slip up
    Rihanna Responds to Snapchat Ad That Asked Users If They Want to ‘Slap Rihanna’“Shame on you. Throw the whole app-oligy away.”
  10. bad ideas
    Chris Brown Probably Shouldn’t Have Commented on Rihanna’s InstagramHell hath no fury like Rihanna fans scorned.
  11. tutu
    Chris Brown Does Not Approve of the Way His 2-Year-Old Dresses for Dance ClassShe’s 2.
  12. enough
    Why Does the Media Keep Giving Abusive Men Platforms for Redemption?On Woody Allen, Chris Brown, and Greg Hardy.
  13. can u not
    No One Asked Chris Brown to Make a Documentary About Himself, But Here We AreIn his own words, which we didn’t really need.
  14. stop
    Chris Brown Thinks People Attempt Suicide for Instagram SympathyBrown continues to be an awful person.
  15. domestic violence
    Australia Does Not Want Chris Brown to Tour ThereThe government is reviewing his visa application.
  16. psa
    Grammys Send Mixed Messages on Domestic ViolenceHi, Chris Brown and R. Kelly.
  17. beach bodies
    TMZ and the Quest for Equality in Fat-ShamingSure, it would be nice if no one were fat-shamed. But if women are, why not Chris Brown?
  18. chris brown’s rv
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Go GlampingIn Chris Brown’s million dollar luxury RV, with some Segways.
  19. love triangles
    Drake on Rihanna and Chris: ‘It Could End Really Badly’“I don’t want my name to be synonymous with that guy’s name.”
  20. breakups
    Chris Brown: I’m Single and Ready to MingleRihanna and Chris are off again.
  21. life stories
    I Am Rihanna’s Hairstylist “I don’t say black or white. It’s all hair.”
  22. nation of haters
    The Twenty Most Hated Celebrities: Why We Hate ThemAnalyzing Star’s Hollywood hate list.
  23. nation of haters
    Anne Hathaway Not the Most Hated Person in HollywoodGwyneth is; both are more hated than Chris Brown.
  24. forever
    Chris Brown #Prays4Bieber#No.
  25. Sorry, Chris Brown Probably Didn’t Say He and Rihanna SplitA study in the power of social media misinformation.
  26. cover girls
    Oh, Fine, Look at Rihanna and Kate Moss Naked TogetherIt was inevitable, really.
  27. oh the irony
    Concerned Fan Gave Rihanna Bloody KneeWorst fan ever.
  28. bad boyfriends
    Katy Perry Sensibly Disapproves of BFF Rihanna Dating Chris BrownA surprising display of romantic wisdom.
  29. thank god
    E! Says Rihanna and Chris Brown Aren’t Engaged, So Everyone Calm DownInhale, count to ten, then exhale.
  30. See the Biggest Violators of the Grammys’ No-Nipple RuleThat was some keyhole, Katy Perry.
  31. yikes
    Rihanna ‘Cheered Up’ Chris Brown at Court TodayThe most upsetting love story of our time gets worse.
  32. look of the day
    Chris Brown and Rihanna Matched for Public ReappearanceHow couple-y.
  33. domestic violence
    Why Hating Chris Brown Isn’t the Same As Supporting RihannaOn bearing witness to a cycle of violence.
  34. disturbia
    Rihanna and Chris Brown Got His-and-Hers RolexesAnd tweeted about them.
  35. thank you notes
    Meet the Woman Who Saved Twitter From Chris BrownA Jenny Johnson (@jennyjohnsonhi5) appreciation post.
  36. slash jobs
    Chris Brown Is Gonna Be a Supermodel’Cause he’s young and he’s hip, and so beautiful.
  37. Why Are John Mayer and Katy Perry Dressing Alike?And in such boring outfits, at that.
  38. Vogue’s Rihanna Profile Mentions Chris Brown Nine TimesAlso, lots about her short haircut.
  39. please no
    Is That Rihanna’s Battered Face Tattooed on Chris Brown’s Neck?The most depressing use of our zoom function yet.
  40. party lines
    Chris Brown Thinks New York Fashion Week Is Snobby“I’ve done it in Milan, Paris, different places.”
  41. friends with benefits
    Fashion for Relief Celebrity Runway Extravaganza: Karan, Cumming, Christensen, Elson — Chris Brown?Naomi Campbell brought her besties for a star-studded charity event and tribute to Alexander McQueen. See video.
  42. awkward publicity
    This Photo of Chris Brown and Jean Paul Gaultier Is Epically AwkwardWhy does the fashion industry scoop up celebrities that other industries and lots of people have rejected?
  43. awkward publicity
    Ferré Boasts of Chris Brown Attending Their Men’s ShowReally?
  44. loose threads
    K Karl Lagerfeld Discontinued; Emma Watson’s People Tree Collaboration RevealedAnd Target’s next designer collaboration is with Tucker by Gaby Basora.