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  1. celebrity weddings
    Chris Evans Is a Husband NowHe and Alba Baptista got married over the weekend.
  2. news to me
    Rude: Chris Evans Is Definitely in a RelationshipHappy (?) Valentine’s Day.
  3. no
    Please Keep This Mustache Far Away From MeWe need to talk about Chris Evans’s facial hair in The Gray Man.
  4. confessions
    I Hate How Much I Love Marvel MoviesHow did a Disney megafranchise become my comfort food?
  5. celebrity
    Lizzo Has a Secret BoyfriendSomeone check on Chris Evans.
  6. uh oh
    Sorry, But Buzz Lightyear Is Hot NowThank you for your service, Chris Evans.
  7. please!
    Just Date AlreadyLizzo and Chris Evans continue to flirt in the DMs.
  8. chrises
    The Hollywood Chrises Are at It AgainJust a friendly little birthday roast amongst Chrises.
  9. just a little kiss?
    I Like What Lizzo and Chris Evans Are Doing HereLook who’s flirting in the DMs.
  10. celebrity
    Let’s Talk About the Other Chris Evans PicWhat is this intriguing meme he accidentally posted alongside his nude?
  11. celebs
    Are Chris Evans and Lily James Hooking Up or What?The two were spotted sharing a cab back to Chris’s hotel in London and eating ice cream in a park the next day.
  12. christmas
    Which Celebrity Got the Most Ridiculous Christmas Gift?And did anyone manage to one-up the Kardashians?
  13. oscars 2019
    Chris Evans Made Himself Useful at the OscarsHe was an unofficial stage escort at the Oscars this year.
  14. service journalism
    Your Guide to Every Hollywood Chris’s Relationship StatusFrom Pratt to Pine.
  15. what’s good
    What Is Going on With Chris Evans’s Mustache?What’s good this week: Cardi B’s new song, obviously; the Weeknd’s new album, definitely; Chris Evans’s new facial hair, maybe?
  16. relatable
    Ripped Hunk Chris Evans Doesn’t Think He’s Hot“I still feel like I’m just trying to pull a fast one over on people.”
  17. love is real
    Jenny Slate Spent Christmas With Chris Evans’s FamilyThis must mean things are serious (again).
  18. love is real
    Oh Thank God, Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Are Back TogetherFinally, some good news.
  19. true love
    Chris Evans Celebrates Turtlenecks (According to Jenny Slate)Is our favorite couple back together?
  20. love is real
    Please Let Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Be Back TogetherWe need this right now.
  21. hollywood chrises
    Chris Hemsworth Was ‘Shaken’ After Meeting Chris PrattSome Chris news.
  22. celebrity gossip
    Jenny Slate Says Celebrity Gossip Is a Tool of the PatriarchyJenny is not here for your speculations about her personal life.
  23. So Many Men Are Weirdly Obsessed With Tom BradyAdd Chris Evans to the list of male celebs going to bat for TB12.
  24. Chris Evans and Jenny Slate Are Hollywood’s Friendliest ExesThe pair reunited on the red carpet.
  25. celebrity breakups
    Chris Evans Has Only Nice, Beautiful Things to Say About Jenny Slate“It’s like an art form talking with her.”
  26. love is dead
    Chris Evans and Jenny Slate’s Breakup Proves That Love Is ShellNooooooooooooooooooooo.
  27. new couples
    Jenny Slate and Chris Evans Make Their Relationship Red-Carpet OfficialGiving handsome men everywhere hope.
  28. beauty routines
    Wait Till You Get a Load of Chris Evans’s Beauty RoutineCaptain America shops at Duane Reade.
  29. how bout that!
    Nice of Jenny Slate to Give Ol’ Chris Evans a ChanceChris Evans is more interesting than we originally thought.
  30. party pics
    Betsey Johnson and Snoop Dogg Partied This WeekPlus: J.Lo, Amy Schumer, Viola Davis, and more in this week’s roundup. 
  31. which chris is which?
    Chris Evans Found a Way to Stand Out From All Those Other Chrises [Updated]Oh, so he’s that Chris.
  32. service journalism
    Which Chris Is Which? A Handy HunksplainerIs that a Pine, an Evans, or a Pratt?
  33. beauty marks
    Gucci’s New Ad; Jen Aniston’s Costly BeautyPlus, Willow Smith dyed her hair neon green and more beauty news.
  34. beauty marks
    Chris Evans Stars in Gucci’s New Fragrance Ad; Facebook Eyes Physicians FormulaPlus, Urban Outfitters sells clip-on bangs, and Leighton Meester fronts a campaign for a South Korean beauty brand.