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Chris Hemsworth

  1. chrises
    The Hollywood Chrises Are at It AgainJust a friendly little birthday roast amongst Chrises.
  2. service journalism
    Your Guide to Every Hollywood Chris’s Relationship StatusFrom Pratt to Pine.
  3. hollywood chrises
    Did Chris Hemsworth Photoshop a Pic to Remove Anthony Hopkins’s Sweat Stains?If so, please adjust your Hollywood Chris rankings accordingly.
  4. hollywood chrises
    Chris Hemsworth Was ‘Shaken’ After Meeting Chris PrattSome Chris news.
  5. now smell this
    Chris Hemsworth on Aging, Surfing, and What Exactly Thor Smells LikeDoes Thor’s hammer have a scent?
  6. she’s just being miley
    Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth Are Having a Very Festive ChristmasPlus, Billy Ray is holding a puppy.
  7. bum watch
    Can You Guess This Hunk by His Glorious Bottom?A new angle.
  8. cooking with chris hemsworth
    Chris Hemsworth’s Biceps Baked His Daughter a Birthday CakeThey’re naturals in the kitchen.
  9. hot dads
    Is Chris Hemsworth’s Dad Hot? An Investigation We examine the evidence.
  10. celebrities having fun
    Abbi and Ilana Tried to Sneak a Peek at Chris Hemsworth NakedJust some celebs having fun on television!
  11. i’d still smash
    What Say You About Gaunt, Sea-Broken Chris Hemsworth?Give me your tired, your poor.
  12. we’re not worthy
    A Comprehensive Taxonomy of Men With Long Hair And why we like them anyway.
  13. which chris is which?
    Chris Evans Found a Way to Stand Out From All Those Other Chrises [Updated]Oh, so he’s that Chris.
  14. service journalism
    Which Chris Is Which? A Handy HunksplainerIs that a Pine, an Evans, or a Pratt?
  15. corrections
    People’s Sexiest Man Alive Is Chris Hemsworth, Everyhunk You wanted a hunk, here’s your hunk.
  16. male gaze
    Male Gaze: Chris Hemsworth’s Golden LocksOr should we say, “godly”?
  17. hairy situations
    Look at All These Dudes With Ponytails“Do you have an extra hair thingy?”
  18. back to fug
    Red-Carpet Report Card: Summer BlockbustersEmma Stone gets a B+, Scarlett gets an F.